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A Rainbow of Flowers – The Most Popular Flowers by Color

The sheer number of flowers that are out there in the world today fascinates me. Even more so, the bright and vibrant colors that exist around our beautiful Earth! It’s amazing how we as humans have turned them into symbols of love, friendship, and adoration. I’ve poured through hundreds of different flowers to bring you some of the most popular examples of the primary colors and their meaning. Each flower will have a brief history, where you can find them, and the appropriate occasion to send them. So, join me on this colorful adventure, and let’s discover the most popular flowers by color!

Field Of Flowers

Red – Roses

I figured I would start out with the most common and appreciated flower there is to most of the human race and that is the Rose. Now, we all know the rose comes in many different colors, but did you know there are over three hundred different species of roses out there and thousands of cultivars? That absolutely blew my mind! Most of the species are native to Asia, and a smaller number in Europe, North America and Africa. Roses, as most people know them are beautiful in stature, and fragrant in smell. But did you know they are also used for food a drink (Rose Hips are made into jams, jelly, marmalade and soup or brewed in tea), medicine (a minor source of vitamin c), and they are also the floral emblem of the Unites States!

Different colored roses traditionally mean different things. While yellow roses normally symbolize warm feelings or friendship, pink roses for appreciation and thanks, the iconic red rose is a symbol for love and deep emotion and devotion. Which is why they make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

Rainbow Rose

Orange – Gerbera

Although not as popular as the red rose, Gerbera’s are some of my own personal favorites for so many reasons. The orange one most notably for their vibrancy and their unique look. Gerberas were named after German botanist and medical doctor Traugott Gerber who traveled all over Russia. What I find fascinating about Gerbera’s are the fact they are not truly just one flower. Their capitulum has the appearance of a single flower, but in reality, is composed of hundreds of individual flowers! Most of the species of the Gerbera grow in the tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia.

Gerberas make amazing decorative house plants or fresh cut flowers. They vary in size, shape and color, but I find the orange ones to be my favorite. The Gerbera symbolizes joy and happiness and reminds us to seize the day! It’s the perfect gift for a housewarming, a new baby, or just to let them know you care!


Yellow – Sunflowers

Sunflowers have grown lately in popularity for a number of reasons.  From the way they grow, to the seeds they produce, to the sheer size of their petals, I can’t imagine a more statuesque type flower. I think my favorite fact about the sunflower is the way they grow. The French word for sunflower is ‘tournesol” which literally translates to “turns with the sun”.  As the sun comes up in the east, the flowers move their “face” towards the sun, and keep following it throughout the day. Similar to the Gerbera’s, a sunflower is made up of hundreds of different flowers on one stem. Another popular feature of the sunflower are the seeds, each flower can produce between one to two thousand seeds! Most sunflowers are found in the southern United States and in Mexico.

Sunflowers are not as common in household gardens as they used to be due to their tendency to rapidly grow and take over, but as a gift, they make the perfect bouquet. Sunflowers are the flower of friendship. Similar to yellow roses, the sunflower symbolizes friendship and reflects the close bond between two people!

**Fun Fact: The tallest sunflower on records came in at 30-ft, 1inch and was grown in Germany by Hans-Peter Schiffer. Schiffer has also held the same record twice before!

Blue – Irises

Hands down, Irises are some of the most vibrant and beautiful flowers you can send, which makes it a popular bouquet for gifts! The word ‘Iris” comes from the Greek word for rainbow and is also the Greek Goddess of the rainbow. There are between 260-300 different species of the flower, ranging from blues, purples, and pinks. Irises are also one of the most heavily grown flowers in the world. In New Jersey, there is a living Iris Museum with over 10,000 plants, and in Florence, Italy, breeders come from all around the globe to compete with their Irises. In Early days, irises were used to make perfumes and had medicinal qualities. Unlike most other flowers that grow in small sections of the world, Irises can grow all around the United States, Europe, Asia, and more!

The primary significance of the Iris is courage, wisdom, hope, faith, and admiration. Because of the beauty of the bloom, irises make the perfect gift to show admiration and convey deep sentiments to the receiver.

Bunch Of Purple Flowers

Purple – Petunias

Although petunias come on a variety of different colors and there are over twenty different species of them. I find that the purple ones are the most beautiful in my eyes. When I decided to lear more about them, I was shocked to learn about its subfamily species. The word petunia comes from the French word petun, which means ‘tobacco”. Petunias are related to cape gooseberries, tomatoes, potatoes, nightshade, and chili peppers. Although beautiful, the petunia is most commonly found in one region of the Earth; South America. This actually makes sense because although petunias can tolerate harsh conditions like hot climates, they will not survive in areas that get frost.

When it comes to sending petunias in a bouquet, they have a language of their own. Mayans and Incans believed Petunia’s thrive on positivity and ward off bad spirits. Giving petunias symbolizes being comfortable with someone! Next time you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift, consider a petunia bouquet to brighten their home!

Now you know about a selection of beautiful and vibrant flowers, so what’s next?

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