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The Secret Life of Flowers: The Simple Guide on How To Take Care of a Poinsettia Flower

As the holiday season approaches, there seems to be no better way to express love and spread the festive spirit than by sending beautiful flowers for Christmas. If you’re considering a flower gift that will capture the essence of the holiday season, the vibrant poinsettia stands out as an exceptional choice. Not only is it the December Birth Month Flower, but it is also synonymous with holiday cheer. Its rich red and green star-shaped foliage adds a warm, celebratory touch to any setting. However, gifting a poinsettia is more than just handing over a beautiful plant. It’s about sharing a piece of holiday tradition that requires care and attention. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into what makes the poinsettia a magnificent Christmas gift. As well as provide essential tips on how to take care of a poinsettia flower. This way, your plant continues to thrive, bringing joy and color to your recipient’s home well beyond the festive season.

Secret Life of December Flowers: Holly and Narcissus

Okay, friends! It’s time to investigate the secret life of December flowers together! As a plant mom myself, I understand the value of communicating with the plant world. Although you could tag me as a delusional flower-child for quite literally talking to my indoor plant babies, we are not here to discuss my metaphysical beliefs on the energy exchange between humans and nature. Instead, we’ll explore the language of flowers. Similarly, as gifts, flowers speak a language of their own, and every flower hosts a series of symbolism, metaphors, and meanings. Today we’ll take a deep dive into the secret life of the December flowers: Holly and Narcissus. 

Holly and Narcissus are two different flowers, each with their own meanings but always thriving during December. Whether you’re celebrating your own birthday or giving a gift to a loved one, including a holly or narcissus flower in a birthday bouquet is a sure way to make for a meaningful gift. And, if you know someone who is expecting this month, you can mark the occasion by sending them some newborn baby flowers with holly and narcissus! Find out more about this unique flower below.

December flowers on white wood table.

December Birth Flower – The Poinsettia

A cold winter month full of warm holiday memories, December would not  be complete without a symbolic Poinsettia plant. This vibrant flower, with brilliant red and green star-shaped leaves, is not only a fitting tribute to joyful winter holidays. It is also the December birth flower. A beacon of love and joy, the Poinsettia will fill the home of those born in December with cheery vibes and promises of a blessed month ahead. The scientific name for the Poinsettia is “Euphorbia pulcherrima,” which means “very beautiful.”

Do your nearest and dearest December born recipients deserve a beautiful birthday flower gift? Then the Poinsettia is just the right flower for them!


Poinsettia History: One of the Best Christmas Flowers

You’ve almost certainly seen the lovely poinsettia, but do you know about poinsettia history? You can find this vibrant plant with rich red petals and impressive green foliage thanks to a man named Joel Roberts Poinsett. He brought these Christmas plants from Mexico to the rest of the world, and gives it its name. But how did the Poinsettia travel from Mexico around the globe? What makes it such an iconic Christmas flower? Why do so many people use it as a gift for Christmas?

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