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Feria de Las Flores: Festival Of the Flowers in Colombia

If in your mind Colombian city of Medellín is strongly associated with infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, it’s time to crush the old stereotype. These days, it’s the flowers in Colombia that they’re more famous for, and the transformation is truly remarkable. The second largest flower supplier in the world, Medellín  is home to the largest international flower festival in the world. It’s called Feria de las Flores, or in English, the Festival of the Flowers.

In the beginning of August, when the “city of eternal spring” Medellín blooms in all its splendor and the streets are flooded with flowers in Colombia, it is the beginning of the famous 10-day festival. Feria de las Flores celebrates not only the country’s floral heritage, but also the country’s diversity.

Festival Of the Flowers in Medellin, Colombia

Plum Blossom: China’s National Flower

In the long tapestry of Chinese history, flowers have always had a special place. Still, only the Plum Blossom has become China’s National Flower. Considered deeply symbolic, flowers are present in every aspect of life in China. This is evident in everything from art and folklore to everyday life. Even though peonies, chrysanthemums and orchids also play an important role for Chinese people, plum blossoms are the clear winners. Extremely popular both for its beauty and benefits, Chinese officials crowned plum blossoms the national flower on July, 21 1964. This decree replaced another national favorite, the peony, on the flower pedestal. Let’s take a deeper look at China’s national flower.

Plum Blossom: China’s National Flower

The Sunflower: National Flower of Ukraine

Flowers in Ukraine: Introduction

Flowers have always played an important role in Ukrainian culture. So much so, they’ve named the sunflower the national flower of Ukraine. The love for flowers in Ukraine started back when blooming plants were an integral part of many aspects of people’s lives. Ukrainians wove sunflowers into wreaths for girls during celebrations, embroidered them on fabric and clothes, carved them on wooden furniture and household items, and even painted them on walls. The flowers that embellished dresses and shirts didn’t have a merely decorative meaning. People also used them to protect the wearer against evil spirits, bad fortune and illness. Embedded in national folklore, you can find sunflowers in traditional Ukrainian songs, poetry, and art.

The Sunflower: National Flower of Ukraine

The Rose: National Flower of the United States

It’s probably not a surprise that the rose is the national flower of the United States. What might surprise you is roses have been around for about 35 million years! They grow naturally, and even wild) all around North America. This symbol of love and beauty has played a significant role in mythology, history, and poetry since ancient times. It inspired the greatest minds for centuries and still fascinates in the modern day.

National Flower of the United States

Hanami Traditions – A Look At Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan is one of the most popular celebrations that attract nature lovers to the land of the rising sun from all over the world. Annually thousands of tourists head to Japan during spring time to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s finest displays – beautiful blooming sakuras (cherry blossoms). An iconic symbol of the country, cherry blossoms play a significant role in Japanese culture, from traditional literature and art, to music and anime.

Sakura tree Hanami festival in Japan

Russia’s National Flower: Chamomile

Russia’s national flower, the chamomile, is an adorable little bloom with highly recognizable snow white petals and bright yellow center. Russia made its official declaration about the flower in 1998. Its name comes from Greek and means “earth apple.” However, it was first cultivated in Russia and some parts of Asia. Found almost everywhere on the vast territory of the country, the flower is deeply rooted in the Russian culture.

Chamomile has always played an important role in the life of the people who used it for many different purposes, from treating various health conditions to enjoying its mild taste in drinks. To this day, Chamomile tea is a staple in every family and a great idea for a gift to Russia. Without further ado, here’s our guide to everything you need to know about Russia’s national flower: the chamomile.

Russia’s National Flower: Chamomile -- Russian Flora Blog

What Women Want – A Guide To International Women’s Day

During International Women’s Day many females focus on such feminist values as equality, respect and acknowledgement. But regardless of their ambitions women still remain women and want to be treated as such. It means that they do want their men to be feminist allies who wish for their woman’s success as much as their own. They also want their partners to recognize their strengths and accomplishments. But just as much as they want to feel independent and acknowledged, they want to feel loved, cared for and, well, to be happy. So, what can you do to ensure your special someone’s happiness and peace of mind? What are the specific things women want for Women’s Day from their partners? Here’s our guide to International Women’s Day to help you find out.


A Guide To International Women’s Day by RussianFlora

You Forgot Valentine’s Day, Now What?

It’s the big day and you’ve just woken up in cold sweat realizing that you totally forgot Valentine’s Day? Let’s admit, in the midst of all the commercial frenzy of pink hearts, plush teddy bears and red roses that starts right after New Year’s it’s not that easy to stay oblivious, but hey, things happen. Maybe you were too busy working in the past couple of months, went out of town, were subconsciously trying to avoid a holiday that celebrates a saint’s massacre. Or, god forbid, got abducted by aliens who erased your memory of all the upcoming slobbery celebrations…Okay, it might be all of these excuses are pretty lame. But just because you messed up does not mean that you can’t save the day.

St. Valentines Day concept. Wine, roses and gift box on wooden table

January Birth Flower – The Carnation

The Carnation is a flower that can bloom during cold winter months. Making it the obvious, and beautiful, choice for the January birth flower! An incredibly fitting choice for celebrating January birthdays, this pretty bloom with ruffled petals was once one of the most popular flower in the world. Over the past decade or so carnations, undeservedly started losing popularity. However they are already making their much-anticipated comeback. More and more people now realize that there’s much more to carnations than just being a filler flower in seasonal arrangements. A wide array of vibrant colors, a delicate clove-like scent, and stylish but hardy blooms known to last for over two weeks (talk about getting your money’s worth) all make carnations a great choice for birthday bouquets and festive flower arrangements.

January Birth Flower - Carnations in a candle

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