What Women Want – A Guide To International Women’s Day

During International Women’s Day many females focus on such feminist values as equality, respect and acknowledgement. But regardless of their ambitions women still remain women and want to be treated as such. It means that they do want their men to be feminist allies who wish for their woman’s success as much as their own. They also want their partners to recognize their strengths and accomplishments. But just as much as they want to feel independent and acknowledged, they want to feel loved, cared for and, well, to be happy. So, what can you do to ensure your special someone’s happiness and peace of mind? What are the specific things women want for Women’s Day from their partners? Here’s our guide to International Women’s Day to help you find out.


A Guide To International Women’s Day by RussianFlora

If you’re rolling you’re eyes and thinking, “Another commercial holiday, ugh.” Remember that there is also an International Men’s Day. Each one is quite meaningful for the people who celebrate them, and both holidays came from a desire to celebrate and honor people.

While it is something America is a little behind on adapting, it is a very meaningful holiday in many parts of the world including Asia, Europe, Russia and former Soviet countries. Annually observed on March 8th, Women’s Day celebrates all the extraordinary women in your life who make a difference in this world in one way or another, be it your loved one, mother, daughter or female colleague.

First And Foremost

Respect is the key to any relationship, especially romantic ones. A woman needs to see that her significant other treats her equally without patronizing and with the same respect he would treat other men. This means your relationships should be based on trust, honesty and open communication. Make sure she takes part in making major decisions in the family and has the ability to make her contribution if she chooses to.

Showing your respect is as important on a daily basis, as it is on special occasions like International Women’s Day, because that’s what it all about, right? It can be acting more mindful of her needs and emotions. Or little things like taking her to her favorite restaurant to eat sushi that you don’t care for.  You can organize a movie night to watch her favorite TV show, even if you you aren’t too crazy about it. She might not show it at once but trust me, she will definitely acknowledge your effort and reward you for it in the future.

If you really can’t think of something, you can always try asking her. We know, we know. We have all been taught surprises are best. While we agree that this is usually the case, sometimes being willing to admit you don’t know and you want to make sure you get it right means more than a surprise.

Be In Charge

Women want to be strong, no doubt about that. But as much as they want to be strong they want to have strong people by their side. That doesn’t mean they expect to see inflated egos, arrogance, or a machismo attitude. These qualities do nothing but scare women away. Instead, they want to see a partner with integrity in everything they do. To put it simply, she wants you to be a good, honest person she can trust. And trust is one of the most important things for any woman.

How to celebrate International Women’s Day - a Guide by Russian Flora

Take this as a day to take the load off of her shoulders. Plan the cooking, groceries, chores, etc. Give her a day to relax, unwind, and take a step into her shoes. Maybe her boss won’t give her the day off of work, but you can give her a day off at home. If you know that she absolutely will not like you taking over, then ask how you can help, or double up on the gifts you have planned. (Hint: you can never have too much chocolate!)

Take The Initiative

Even though women often give the impression that they want to be in control, in fact, many love it when her man takes the initiative. The thing is, women already have their plates full and figuring out the details of a date or next vacation is just one more thing to add to their to-do lists. And who loves to-do lists? Besides, what can be more special and romantic than a surprise you didn’t have to plan yourself! When a man takes the first step and follows through with the little details it will be a major turn-on for any woman. She will feel more pampered than after a trip to a spa salon.

Flatter Your Way To the Top

Yes, women like to be told that they are beautiful. Just like they did thousands of years ago, and will until the end of the Earth. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Before you start judging, dig a little deeper. It’s not about vanity and narcissism, there’s more to it than you think. You aren’t actually convincing a woman that she’s beautiful, it’s pretty impossible if she lacks self-esteem. Instead, by praising her beauty you’re making her feel loved and desired. You’re demonstrating that in the first place she’s a WOMAN first, and only then a friend and a partner.

Beautiful bouquet of pink and white peonies - A Guide To International Women’s Day

Women’s Day Flowers

Shopping for gifts for women, especially on International Women’s Day, can be hard. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, beloved mother, or a co-worker, the act of picking out the perfect surprise can be overwhelming. What does she want? Will the gift be suitable for the occasion? Should you go with a romantic or more neutral gift? So many questions, so little time to decide.

But, there’s good news for you. Regardless of your recipient’s preferences she will definitely appreciate an all-time favorite – a bouquet of Women’s Day flowers. While this might seem like a cliché choice for the occasion, flowers became a cliché for a reason. Flowers never get old and women love them, period. To make your gift even more thoughtful and intimate, give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers rather than a standard arrangement you’d find at the grocery store. Ordering flowers online might be a great idea especially for those in long-distance relationships. Online companies are not only extremely fast and are a life-saver for last-minute orders, but also pretty versatile offering all types of gifts for any occasion.

For those with allergies, or an aversion to plants that wilt, you can always try a succulent instead. They are hearty and will liven up a desk without any sneezing.

Love is All

You might be going out of your way trying to demonstrate how much you love and appreciate the women of your life but forget something as simple as actually stating your feelings in three simple words: “I love you.” This is something any woman wants to hear. Even though actions do speak louder than words, when it comes to love confessions, everything changes. Women want to actually hear you say,  “I love you;” otherwise there will always be a doubt at the back of their head. Saying these words might not always be easy, but the power of this phrase can’t be underestimated. When she hears it for the first or a millionth time it will give her butterflies and a warm feeling inside. Love is all, love is all, you know.

Celebrate the extraordinary women who make a difference in this world this International Women’s Day. Integrate our simple tips into your life, and you’ll inspire your leading lady to glow by your side not just on March 8th, but every day!

Ready to Celebrate the Women in Your Life?


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