Most Popular Floral Scents For Women

What are the Most Popular Perfumes to Send Her?

From choosing the perfect scent to send to Mom, to selecting the most sensual aroma for a lover, we come across this question often; so, here’s our guide to the most popular floral scents for women in your life. Whether she’s regal like the rose or delicate as the scent of violet, keep reading to learn which floral perfumes are almost universally beloved.

Popular floral scents for women - Her favorite flowers in a bottle


Smell is the strongest of the five senses and can have a direct correlation to the emotions we feel in our daily lives. To most people, a smell is much more than a fragrance to wear – it’s a certain memory or mood manipulator. These nostalgic aromas aren’t just a coincidence, there’s science behind why we love particular scents. The thing is, your sense of smell is directly linked to emotions. So, when you smell something pleasant, like a rose, your brain immediately releases a positive response in return. As a result, you will feel happier, more positive, and more attractive just by enjoying these flowers.

Aside from mood-boosting powers, particular scents do amazing things for our minds and bodies, from stress relief to ultimate brain power. Inhaling fragrance activates the hypothalamus– the area of the brain which sends messages to other parts of the body. Such stimulation can cause many positive changes in our system.

Flower Power

Since ancient times, perfumes have been used to make women feel good about themselves, and attractive to the opposite sex. Floral fragrances are by far the most popular in perfumery, since they are fresh, ultra-feminine and sensual.

Floral fragrances for women tend to be garlanded with notes like jasmine, rose, gardenia, tuberose, lily of the valley, violet, etc. Interestingly, two of the most famous (and beloved) floral notes – jasmine and rose – have traditionally been found at the center of almost every scent. But almost no fragrances are made up of just one note. These ‘single note’ perfumes can contain up to 200 different ingredients! Even if they give the impression of just one flower aroma, all the other notes are tiptoeing around it.

Many women enjoy wearing their favorite floral perfumes all year round. But spring and summer, when all the flowers are in bloom, tend to be the most popular times for floral scents. With warm weather and Mother’s Day just around the corner here are the 5 most popular floral notes in perfumes that will make you feel like a human bouquet!

1. Regal Rose

Stop and smell the roses! Rose the “queen of flowers,” it has a divine smell that acts as an antidepressant. Even the birds on the branches know it symbolizes love and passion! Rose is one of the most versatile and important ingredients in perfumery. Almost all the most popular floral scents for women contain rose. Even when it is not listed among the main notes in a fragrance, the chances are it’s still there in the background giving a structure to a scent.

Most Popular Floral Scents For Women

There’s nothing more feminine than a deliciously floral perfume, and roses have a versatile aroma that will fit any woman. Whether treating yourself to a new scent, or searching for a Mother’s Day gift, fragrances containing rose notes will make it easy to choose a perfect gift for that special lady in your life.

2. Uplifting Jasmine

Jasmine is considered the king of flower oils because of its simple elegance and sophistication. It is a flower of happiness, meaning that the person who wears jasmine-based perfume desires joy and kindness. Their aesthetic is already pleasing enough, but this floral scent also has serious mood perks. Like lavender, jasmine can help to calm the nerves, and has uplifting properties to enhance confidence and inspire optimism. It also revitalizes and restores the balance of energy.

Jasmine is a perfect ingredient to add a lasting touch to any fragrance. Perfumes with Jasmine notes are also suitable for all occasions. Pretty powerful for just a tiny flower, isn’t it?

3. Calming Orange flower

Aromatic, sweet and elegant, orange blossom is a popular scent in floral perfumes for women. An ancient symbol of purity, innocence and fertility it is celebrated for its fresh delicate qualities. Jasmine has been favored by brides on their wedding day since the times of ancient China.

The beautifully fragrant orange flower is often used by perfumers as a main note. then it’s combined with floral bouquets and oriental fragrances to add a sweet and honeyed scent. They are similar to neroli perfumes in some respects – they both come from a bitter orange tree.  But orange blossom fragrances have deeper and warmer floral notes due to a concentrated extraction process. Known for their ability to calm and relax, perfumes with orange flower are perfect for women who are always working and need a little break.

Floral Fragrances For Women

4. Seductive Tuberose

Currently in bloom in the world of perfumery, heady and voluptuous tuberose has (according to the Victorians) the fragrance for seduction. Traditionally symbolizing wild pleasures and primordial passion, its waxy white petals exude the most feminine and sensual notes in the fragrance world. The dramatic carnal aroma of tuberose has a staying power past the scent trail it leaves on the skin, which is the very definition of sex appeal. Sophisticated, powerful and almost creamy floral fragrances for women featuring tuberose notes have a smell you definitely recognize. It is the one everyone in your path will certainly remember. If you want to set the mood for a passionate affair or a romantic adventure, perfumes with the smell of tuberose are just the right thing.

5. Delicate Violets

Fragile violets cheer us up in our gardens and windowsills. They have also been used in perfumes through the ages because of their varied fragrances. There are two varieties of violets most commonly used by perfumers, the Victoria Violet and the Parma Violet.

Known to symbolize sophistication, loyalty and humility with their delicate, powdery scent violets have also a magical quality to them. As innocent as it is, it can be a flirty little flower! Its aroma can magically appear and disappear when wearing it on the skin. But science has the answer. The violet flower contains ionone, a tricky molecule which fiddles with our sense of smell, and make the fragrance come and go. If you’re looking for a neutral fragrance for any occasion, perfumes with fresh violet notes are the great choice.

Flower lovers, like their flowery notes, are strong, lovely ladies. Help the lady in your life feel more attractive and feminine with a new floral scent that fits her personality like no other.

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