Discover The Red Poppy – Poland’s National Flower

We’re continuing on our journey examining flower symbolism around the world, and next up is Poland’s national flower! Poland has picked an unlikely yet bold contender for their national flower: the corn poppy aka red poppy. This flower is a powerhouse of practicality and symbolism, making it a genuinely inspiring pick. When you think about red poppy, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If it was how lovely it is, you aren’t alone. But we’re going to take a look at the red poppy’s medicinal and edible qualities, as well as its history of symbolism.

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Beautiful Poppy Where Did You Come From?

The exact origin of the red poppy isn’t known for certain. Most assume the corn poppy originates from somewhere in Europe, but there’s nothing to pinpoint precisely where. However, due to its hearty nature, you can find fields of red poppies nearly everywhere. Poland is rich with woods and lakes making it the perfect growing bed for these lovely flowers.

Though a lot of their resilience makes them feel almost like a weed, the red poppy, or corn poppy, has almost as many uses as it does names. While it will fit perfectly in any floral arrangement or bouquet, it is also quite a practical flower.

  • The black seeds are edible and uniquely tasty on their own. However, as an ingredient in bread they are even better. IN parts of the world, including France, you’ll find that oil made from the seeds of red poppy is highly sought after.
  • The petals of the red poppy are great for dye, making them a perfect natural solution for dying medicines and wines a robust red. The dried petals also offer a stark contrast in potpourris and dried flower arrangements.
  • Many who practice all-natural medicine have found the poppy to be useful. It’s used to everything from gout, general aches, and even the petals once turned into a syrup help with sleep.

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What Mark Has  The Poppy Left On the World?

You may not know the name, but chances are you have seen the red poppy around in literature, art, and even on stamps. The red poppy might be known most notably as the symbol for the dead in WWI. In the trampled battlefields during World War I corn poppies bloomed, between the trenches and no man’s land on the Western Front. This stark contrast between destruction and beauty raised the red poppy up in popularity. It helped give home and healing and has cemented this flower as one of the more well known.

Poland may have the red poppy as their national flower, but it left a mark across the world. Many wear red poppies to remember the fallen of WWI. In Urdu literature, they are a symbol of martyrs and love. In Persian literature, the corn poppy is a symbol of love and even called the eternal flower of love. They’ve inspired paintings such as Claude Monet’s “Summer Field of Coquelicots,” and appear on stamps and money.

With so many nations using this stunning flower for so much, it’s no wonder it made it as the national flower of Poland, and that it continues to grow around the world.

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Making The Poppy Apart Of Your life

If this lovely little flower has made an impact on you, you’ll be happy to know poppies are a hearty and easy plant. Once they settle, they need minimal water and do well even in low sunlight. If you want to split or move plants, do it in autumn. This ensures the roots have time to heal before the blooming season in the spring/summer.

The stark red makes for a stand out addition to any garden, and of course, make them lovely in flower arrangements. Be sure you’re ready for compliments on your new garden before planting these flowers as they’re sure to wow your neighbors.

You can easily grow them indoors and split them into little pots to give the live flower away as gifts. When growing them indoors, you want to be mindful of trimming them so they don’t overgrow, and keep them away from small children and animals. Chewing on the raw leaves and petals can cause upset stomachs.

With so much beautiful history and world symbolism, it’s no wonder the red poppy has been popular for so long. This timeless flower is sure to keep impressing for decades to come! 

Now you know about a selection of beautiful and vibrant flowers, so what’s next?

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