Learning About The Lily – National Flower of Kazakhstan

We’re diving deeper into national flowers, and now we’re going to talk about my favorite bloom the lily! This lovely bloom is the national flower of Kazakhstan, and unlike what you may have seen in Bruno, the country is quite beautiful and diverse.  What made them decide to adopt this flower as a national emblem? Well, tradition, of course! This flower has long been used for special occasions, as a greeting, decoration, and so much more. It made the beautiful lily the obvious pick.

If you’re interested to know more, here is the place to start! We’re going over basic meanings, practical function, and lesser-known facts about this stunning flower.

Red Lily

Lovely Lily – Tell Us your Secrets

The name lily comes from a few different places, including Old English “lilie,” from Latin “lilium,” and Green “leirion.”  Between 80-100 species of lilies grow all over the world. Because many of the species are very easily grown and require little help from people, you can find them in the wild all over Asia, Europe, and North America. Just a bit of balmy weather, and these flowers can thrive.

  • To be a true lily, the flower must be part of the lilium genus. So don’t let flowers with “lily” in the name fool you, like the water lily.
  • Most lilies are toxic to cats. However, for humans, they can be quite beneficial. In China and Korea, the edible bulbs are carefully curated and used for food and medicine. Dried lilies can be used as a laxative, and the wood lily roots can help with an upset stomach or fevers.
  • When you think of a lily, you probably think of a very distinct scent. In fact, only two lilies, the white lily, and the tiger lily omit any smell at all. Keep this in mind for selecting bouquets!
  • Lilies have one of the longest lifespans for display flowers. When cut and put into a vase, many florists will remove the pollen from the centers to make them last even longer and prevent staining.

Purple Lily

The Many Meanings of Lilies

Lilies grow in just about every color imaginable, and in so many different shapes. Naturally, this has lead to the lily having very diverse meanings. The most common meaning for the lily flower is purity and fertility, thanks to its delicate nature.

  • White Lilies – are symbols of purity and rebirth. It makes them very common blooms to see at weddings and funerals. You’ll also see them in get well bouquets.
  • Red Lilies – anything red automatically brings to mind love and passion, and lilies are no exception!
  • Orange Lilies – a bold flower that inspires confidence and energy. With such a warm color and reaching petal its no wonder, this flower brings such things to mind. This is a perfect flower to give to celebrate a promotion or new job.
  • Yellow Lilies – bring to mind thankfulness, friendship, joy, and hope. A bouquet of stunning yellow lilies is the perfect gift for your best friend, birthdays, or just saying thanks.
  • Purple Lilies – are rare and exclusive. With this in mind, they are associated with pride, success, dignity, and even royalty!

 Pink Lily

Lilies and Gifting – All you need to know

By now I’m sure you’re ready to send a bouquet of lilies to your loved ones. So I want to give a few more tips for sending the beautiful lily as a gift, especially in Kazakhstan. Be careful with the color you send; these are some of the most symbolic flowers, right up there with roses. So sending red lilies to your boss, for instance, might send the wrong impression.

Also never underestimate the power of pairing these beautiful flowers with roses in a bouquet to make a powerhouse romantic bouquet. Such a bouquet is a grand impression that is hard to miss out on. So if your partner is into huge romantic gestures, send this bouquet to their work with a note inviting them to dinner! A bouquet like that is a sure-fire way to add sparks to your relationship.

Finally, flowers and friendship go hand in hand. Don’t be shy! Send your besty a bouquet of orange and yellow lilies to cheer them on, and thank them for always being there for you!

Whatever reason you have for sending lilies, make sure you do it with love, sincerity. When in doubt, keep in mind, flowers and sweets are a perfect combo! 

Now you know about a selection of beautiful and vibrant flowers, so what’s next?

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