Urges Customers to Help Send PPE to Hospitals has launched a new program that helps customers send PPE to hospitals.  Many hospitals are overwhelmed with cases of COVID-19. They are running out of protective equipment they need to keep doctors and nurses safe while treating patients. Now customers can help. They will be able to make donations toward masks for doctors and nurses.

We’re all going to have to work together to deal with this global pandemic, so we’re giving you the option to add a donation for KN95 masks with every order.

How You Can Help Send PPE to Hospitals

As more countries take various social distancing measures, there has never been a more important time to connect with your loved ones from afar with flowers, care packages, and food baskets. Now your gifts will also help us send important safety gear to doctors and nurses who need them. It’s easy. Just choose your favorite bouquet or gift from our website and add it to your cart. During checkout choose the Gift Option to add $4 for the donation of KN95 masks, and we’ll take care of the rest.


We’ve already begun delivering the first masks we’ve received to doctors in New York, and we are eager to send thousands more with your help.

We are still delivering your thoughtful bouquets and gifts to most worldwide areas. But there are many areas on complete lockdown, or moving towards it. We are keeping track of supply and delivery lines around the clock, updating our website as often as possible, and – most importantly – continuing to review each order individually.

Our Thanks to Colleagues in China

We wouldn’t have been able to start donating masks to doctors and nurses without the help of our beloved colleague from China, Yikun Wang. She’s been kind enough to send us some recent pictures of how things are looking in China, where they are finally able to ease some social distancing restrictions.


Yikun has donated masks to the cause. And  she has some wisdom about what everyone will need to control this pandemic. She tells us:

  • Masks that can reduce the spread of coronavirus must become commonplace both for medical personnel and the general public.
  • Taking and tracking the temperatures of people in public places and on a regular basis will help governments and institutions track and predict where the pandemic is spreading.
  • Lockdown – especially for people with symptoms – is a step governments will have to take
  • Widespread sanitation. When people are locked down, buildings and public places will need to be thoroughly sanitized to prevent reinfection when lockdown is over.
  • Hospitals must be the last line of defense. Other steps must be taken that will help hospitals from being overwhelmed with cases.


And this why using protective masks for hospital personnel is so important. It’s one of the first steps to take to reduce spread among the people who care for the sick.

Please help us continue the effort to send PPE to hospitals. We’ll deliver these critical pieces of equipment to doctors and nurses. You add a $4 USD donation for the purchase of KN95 masks to your next order. 100% of every donation will go toward the purchase and delivery of protective gear for hospitals. This is only our first response to the crisis: More ways and items to donate are coming soon. Send a bouquet to someone you love with a mask donation today.

We hope that you, your family, and your loved ones stay safe during this Coronavirus pandemic.

You’re Ready to Help! So What’s Next?

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