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Emma Lynn is a well-trained, self-published author owned by the adorable pup in the picture below. When she's not writing, blogging or spending time with her dog, she can be found hitting the bowling lanes or at the movie theatre. Her obsessions include Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Who and she's a self-proclaimed nerd and Comic Con Aficionado!

Romance 101: Showering Them with (Good) Gifts

Welcome class, to Romance 101. I’ll be your teacher Mrs. Lynn and today I’m going to teach you how to shower your loved one with not only gifts, but with gifts they will love! At the end of the course, … Continue reading

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A Rainbow of Flowers – The Most Popular Flowers by Color

The sheer number of flowers that are out there in the world today fascinates me. Even more so, the bright and vibrant colors that exist around our beautiful Earth! It’s amazing how we as humans have turned them into symbols of love, … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day – Three Awe-Inspiring Women

So, are you’re asking yourself what exactly is International Women’s Day? Well, I’m thrilled you asked! I’m here to answer your questions and play a fun game in the process. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, … Continue reading

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