Romance 101: Showering Them with (Good) Gifts

Welcome class, to Romance 101. I’ll be your teacher Mrs. Lynn and today I’m going to teach you how to shower your loved one with not only gifts, but with gifts they will love! At the end of the course, we will have a POP QUIZ! 

In all seriousness folks, how often does an anniversary, birthday or holiday come along and you jut don’t know what to pick up for that special someone in your life? I can tell you, after almost eight years of marriage to Mr. Lynn, I still have this problem myself. But fear not class, for today is the day we end the struggle and learn exactly what will put the biggest smile on the faces of those you love. Let’s go through my 3 most popular (and fun) gifts you can give for any occasion!

Man gives flowers to his date
Man gives flowers to his date

Flowers: Natures Way of Saying I Love You

Fun Fact: Did you know when girls are born, they already have a favorite flower? No, I’m just kidding about that, however, even from a young age, girls and boys know how important it is to send bouquets to the people we love. I remember my first week of grade school and little Timmy giving me a Dandelion he had picked from the recess yard. Even at the tender age of five, he knew flowers were the way to this girls heart! 

The giving of flowers as gifts dates back to the middle ages, and became wildly popular around the mid 1700’s. While visiting Turkey, the English and the French discovered an entire language of the beautiful plants, which gave a meaning to different flower types. Stemming from this, the Victorian culture created a characteristic for every flower as well!. 

In Victorian culture showing emotions was a social taboo, but giving flowers was an acceptable way to communicate. As with most things we know about the Victorian era, the people took great pride and effort to detail and provide meaning to every facet of each bloom they came in contact with. Size, color, condition, and even position in relation to another flower all have meanings without needing a single word. Even a bouquet’s presentation, or the hand that gave it expressed a different meaning to the intended recipient. 

Today, we still use a few of these meanings when sending our loved ones a bouquet. Red roses symbolize romance, while daffodils symbolize new beginnings! I think someone should let little Timmy know that dandelions are weeds though! 

First Date Idea: Flowers

Although red roses are beautiful, giving them on a first date can send the wrong message. Instead, consider giving her a bouquet of multi-colored roses, or something a little less forward like lilies or daises,  when you pick her up for your first date. I can guarantee your date for the evening will remember your gift the entire evening and hopefully many more days to come! 

Bock of chocolates with flowers
Bock of chocolates with flowers

Chocolates: The Way to a Woman’s Heart

This might be my favorite word in the english language, and you can bet, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Not only is chocolate a great gift for those in your life you treasure, it’s also extremely versatile and delicious, with a long and rich past. 

It is said that Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec serpent-bird God of wind and learning, started the tradition of giving chocolate as gifts by flying overhead and dropping cacao beans down onto the Aztec people. It was a gift from the Gods to humanity, and even in 1900 BCE, there is evidence of fermented drinks made from cacao beans (Hot Chocolate! YUM)! The cacao bean was so hugely regarded that in some cases it was used as currency back then. 

Today, there is rarely a store you can go into that doesn’t have this delicious treat in some form or another. Whether it is mixed into your morning coffee, stuffed with peanut butter or caramel, or coated around your favorite ice cream dessert, there is barely a person alive who hasn’t indulged in this decadent treat. When it comes to gift giving, the options are endless and we’ve got just what you need for every occasion. 

Third Date Idea: Chocolate

After wooing her with flowers the first night out, consider a lovely night in watching her favorite movie and a delicious assortment of chocolate goodies.  Whether it be a Romantic Comedy, or a Thriller, these sweet treats are sure to keep her coming back for more! For those moments when you can’t be there in person consider doubling down by sending her a lovely bouquet and box of chocolates. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it doesn’t hurt to send a few gifts to help!

Necklace 2

Jewelry: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Romance 101 wouldn’t be complete without the most popular gift for the ‘diamond’ in your life. These days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing the twinkle from a beautiful gem around a woman’s neck, fastened to her ears, or glistening around her wrist and fingers. Whether it be a diamond, an exotic stone, or a simple and elegant chain, there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t love opening up that little velvet box that holds the ultimate gift. 

Did you know jewelry dates back to thousands of years ago in the prehistoric time? Of course back then the existence of diamonds and minerals were not known, but that didn’t stop women and men from wearing necklaces made from bone, animals teeth and wood. After minerals and metals were discovered, people started replacing these items with metal and gems, and about 7,000 years ago, copper jewelry made in appearance.

Throughout history, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and all other areas of the world created their own style of jewelry ranging from gold and colored glass to silver with exotic gemstones. In most cultures, jewelry signified wealth and prosperity, and in some Asian cultures, both men and woman of higher class wore stunning earrings to signify their beauty and wealth. 

Although jewelry today has changed significantly from bone and animal teeth, there is still something beautiful about seeing your favorite lady draped in glittering diamonds, bold colored gemstones, and silver and gold accents. I would be lying class, if I didn’t tell you that anytime Mr. Lynn brings home a new piece of jewelry for me, I don’t fall for him a little bit more. Luckily for him (and me!) getting these beautiful pieces is easier then ever! 

Fifth or Fiftieth Date Idea: Jewelry

A picnic in your local park, or a night out on the town wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful gift. Jewelry gifts are always elegant. A stunning bangle or captivating pair of earrings will add a twinkle around her neck and in her eyes! 

Now you know a few tips for sending your love gifts. 

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