The Ultimate Guide to Flowers for Women’s Day

What is International Women’s Day?

We’re coming up on an especially important holiday that celebrates women in all forms, but what is International Women’s Day? That’s a great question! We think everyone should celebrate it. Although the holiday is becoming more popular, we think more people should know its history.  International Women’s Day, or the 8th of March as it is known in Russia, is a time to honor women. Whether it be your mom, sister, aunt, girlfriend, or esteemed colleague, this day is dedicated to women’s empowerment and their accomplishments. With that being said, the next question is, what are the best flowers for Women’s Day?

March 8th

How can you celebrate International Women’s Day?

While there are many ways to honor and give thanks to the women in your life, we believe that traditional gifts play an important role. The cornerstone of most giving starts with flowers, and we couldn’t agree with that option more. To know what kind of blooms to send that beautiful and wonderful lady in your life, we need to take a brief look at the history of this holiday and where the future will take us.


Which Flowers to send on International Women’s Day.

We know the number of different flowers out there are endless and ever-growing, but there are traditional blooms that rank the highest with women on this holiday. International Women’s Day has been going strong for over a hundred years, but it wasn’t until March 8,1946 that the Mimosa Flower was chosen as the symbol of this great holiday.

The Mimosa Flower is a symbol of strength, sensitivity, and sensibility. While stunning in its hues of yellows and golds, the Mimosa is an ornamental evergreen shrub that blooms in the winter months. Just like women from our history, this flower can survive and flourish under harsh conditions, making it the perfect gift for those we cherish most. It represents respect, elegance, dignity, abundance, and kindness, just like the women in your life and around the world.

Mimosas aren’t the only flowers for Women’s Day. According to the New York Times, over 150,000 roses are sent in Russia during this holiday. While the red rose signifies romance and love, blooms like the yellow rose represent friendship and white is for recognizing a pure heart.



What other flower options should you choose?

The mimosa and the rose seem to be the standouts for International Women’s Day. We know those aren’t for everyone, so here are some other options!


Tulips are a stunning spring bloom, fragrant and elegant. These lovely blooms represent deep and unconditional love like that for a child, parent, or sibling.


One thing we love about the Lily is its femininity. Lilies are also known for representing the many faces of womanhood, more specifically motherhood. The Lily comes in many different colors and looks beautiful paired with a few roses in its bouquet.


Gerberas are also another perfect gift for the meaning behind their petals. The gerbera represents the “sunshine of life”, a fitting description for those bright and sunny women in your life.



Celebrate International Women’s Day with a Bouquet

The 8th of March is a day to honor and celebrate the social, political, and economic achievements of the great women. No matter who you’re celebrating or how, a bouquet of flowers is a great addition. Mark her day with something special and show the women in your life just how significant they are.


With so many options to choose from, what’s next?

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