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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Ukraine

Is there anything more wonderful than a mom? Around the world, Mother’s Day is a time to reflect, appreciate, and thank the mother figure in your life, and Mother’s Day in Ukraine is no different! Sunday, May 9, 2021, is when the wonderful people of Ukraine celebrate their moms and matriarchal figures. I’m sure you’re probably curious, where did Mother’s Day come from? Does the Ukraine celebrate this holiday the same way as the people of America or Australia? These are great questions, and ones we hope we can answer by the end of this blog! 


When is Mother’s Day in Ukraine?

According to Ukraine law, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of every May. Similar to a lot of countries around the world, Mother’s Day takes place in Spring. This is a time for the rebirth of the Earth with flowers and beauty. This year, 2021, Ukraine will honor mothers in their country on May 9. 

Ukrainian Mother’s Day Customs

Like the other 85 countries that celebrate their moms on Mother’s Day, Ukraine is known for sending thoughtful gifts to their maternal figures. These range from flowers to cards, to chocolates, and even taking her out for an elegant dinner. Every woman with children, and those preparing for the birth of one, receives extra love and attention. 

When Was Mother’s Day Banned in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, Mother’s Day has had a bit of a sordid past. In fact, Ukraine just started celebrating Mothers Day again in 1999 and it became an official holiday in 2000. Why, you ask? Well first we need to understand a little bit about Mother’s Day in general, and then we can understand slightly better regarding the origins in Ukraine. 

Mother’s Day itself began in the United States to celebrate the unity of mothers in the struggle for peace. While it became a holiday of beautiful expressions of love in the USA, other countries didn’t take to it very well. In 1928 the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada celebrated the very first Mother’s Day and it continued on, growing in popularity up until 1990.

During this time, the Soviet Regime came to power, effectively banning Mother’s Day. But that wouldn’t last for very long. In 1999 civic organizations such as the Ukrainian Women’s Association stood behind the holiday and its meaning, and in 2000, Mother’s Day received its official holiday status in Ukraine. 

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The Best Flowers & Gifts for Mother’s Day in Ukraine

While there is no right or wrong answer to the question of gifting during Mother’s Day, we do have a few ideas that might help make your decision a little easier. Things like chocolates, cards, and souvenirs are quite popular with the mothers of Ukraine, as well as a bouquet of fragrant flowers. 

The national flower of Ukraine is the sunflower, which happens to be my personal favorite as well. The sunflower symbolizes loyalty, adoration, and happiness (Which is perfect for describing our favorite moms!) Sunflowers are known the world over as a happy flower, and a stunning bloom for the spring and summer seasons. 


Whether you’re celebrating your mom, step-mother, grandma, sister, wife, or anyone in between, Mother’s Day is the time to show them exactly how much they mean to you. Send your love for everything she’s done this May 9, 2021, to Ukraine and around the world. 


You’ve learned a ton about Ukrainian Mother’s Day, now what?

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