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Spooky Life of Flowers: The Exotic Anthurium

From the corpse flowers that grow generously as they hover ten feet above their flora cousins to the watermeal that thrives and blossoms despite being the size of a mere grain of rice, flowers are both mysterious and beautiful companions that make life and love interesting. To the naked eye, flowers are simply the harvest of seeds, but in reality, they are as complex and unique as us humans – Only more colorful. Today we’re diving into the life of one of our favorite exotic spooky flowers: Anthurium!

Ever heard of Anthurium? Yeah, me neither. At least not before delving into this blog. However, I am certain that at least three-quarters of us have seen and touched a type of Anthurium. Also known as flamingo flowers (yes, it does kind of look like the animal), anthuriums are popular leather-textured house plants that come in a wide variety of colors. They make for great gifts, have a few legends centered around them, and are pretty easy to take care of.

Keen on finding out more about these spooky but gorgeous plants? Keep scrolling.

Pink anthuriums - spooky flowers

Spooky Flowers: Anthurium: A History

Thanks to the flower growth spurt that dates back to the 19th century United Kingdom, when the commercial value of flowers was first recognized, the industry spread across the globe. This gave growers unique flora opportunities to showcase and possibly spread their blossoms. Like many beautiful plant and flower types that made their way across oceans, finding new homes in different soil, the Anthurium was discovered and given a port of prestige.

Anthurium is the flower’s genus name and was derived from the Greek words ‘Oura’ and ‘Athos,’ which mean ‘tailflower.’ It forms part of about a thousand species of flowering plants and is the largest of the arum family, the Araceae. Also called the tailflower, flamingo, or painted tongue plant, the Anthurium is leather-like to the touch and is often mistaken for an artificial flower.

Karl Von Scherzer, an Australian natural scientist, diplomat, and avid traveler, is the man we can thank for making such a unique and aesthetically pleasing discovery. During one of his travels in the Colombian rain forest, Van Scherzer came across the Anthurium that looked like no other plant he’d ever seen. The appeal was its leaves, called the spathes, which looked much livelier and brighter than the actual flower. Von Scherzer named the Anthurium after himself and introduced it to other parts of the world thanks to his diplomatic acclaim and history of extensive expedition travels.

When to Send Anthurium

Ever heard anyone rejecting a cup of coffee just because the sun came out to play and left the clouds behind? I reckoned! Much like the world’s favorite ‘pick me up’ in a cup, and unlike their flora counterparts, Anthuriums are in season all year long. Making them the perfect gift for any and every occasion. Let’s look at some of these: 

News Year’s Day: Anthurium plants in shades of white are the perfect gift for friends and family members who love to walk into the new year with clarity. Great for novice plant parents due to how easy it is to maintain them, white Anthuriums say peace, prosperity, and calm. 

Valentine’s Day: Red and pink anthurium plants are guaranteed to brighten up your significant other’s side of the bed or office desk. Match these with a heartfelt hand-written note and some chocolate delicacies, and you’ll have a winning ‘best Valentine’s gift’ recipe. 

Mother’s/ Women’s Day: Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a gorgeous Anthurium in any shade. Great for the pocket and sure to make any mom or special woman’s day as bright as their plant gift. 

Father’s Day: Yes, dads love plants too! Especially ones that look great and are super easy to take care of. 

House warming: Household items are a huge yes when celebrating a friend or loved one’s new home, but gorgeous plants are too. Great for compact and larger spaces, Anthuriums make for the perfect housewarming gift. 

And finally – Halloween – this may sound odd, but trust us. A lot of adults enjoy the playfulness of the holiday and the excuse to make a decadent treat. Help decorate with the most elegant of all spooky flowers, the Anthurium.

Whatever the occasion, Anthuriums are the ideal gift, guaranteed to make your recipient’s space look good and make them feel good. 

spooky flowers  - Anthurium plant on a windowsill.

Indoor? Outdoor? How to Care for Your Anthurium

Anthuriums originate from tropical regions and, as such, require very minimal care. They are epiphytes, meaning they either grow on the surface of other plants or in rich organic matter. Flowering Anthurium plants require bright but indirect light to grow, and this is because direct sunlight may burn the leaves, and too little light may result in stagnant growth. 

Another factor to consider is the level of humidity. While Anthurium plants don’t necessarily require large amounts of water as their roots are susceptible to rotting, they do thrive in more humid conditions. So, maintaining the soil and ensuring it’s always damp is a great start. Do also note that the lighter your Anthurium receives, the more water it will need. 

Feng Shui, Air Purifier, Luck: The Many Uses of the Anthurium

When it comes to spooky flowers, Anthurium is particularly good at blending in. As with many multi-faceted plants, Anthuriums aren’t just pretty leaves. There are several ways to use them, and I’m excited to let you in on a few. Shall we?

Feng Shui: Anthuriums are said to be representative of luck and fortune. Unlike plants that depend on seasons to fully bloom, Anthuriums thrive all year round and under different conditions. As such, anyone lucky enough to own one of these beauties is hospitable. Another hit is luck in love, so if you get your loved ones (or yourself) one of these and believe hard enough, your prince/ss charming may walk right into your life. 

Air purifiers: Anthuriums are considered one of the best plants to have in a household/office due to their air-purifying properties. Nasa confirmed it. The large and darker-colored leaves absorb ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene, leaving the air cleaner.  

Anthuriums and Halloween, How YOU Can Use This Exotic Flower for Decorations

Halloween is but one of the scores of holidays that demand theme-fitting decor. It’s all about the scares and candy scores, really! Anthuriums are so versatile; they can be placed on any table and make mealtime a visual experience. Depending on what theme and feel you’re going for, you can grab a few bright red Anthurium pots and place them strategically at entrances or in lowlight areas. This way, they will give off a ‘bloody’ look without much need for artificial colorants. The good news? You can reuse them to add splashes of color around your home or office. 

If you’re looking to go big, get some artificial spider web material and spook your plants out. Now that we’re touching on this, I may just opt for this look this coming Halloween – And maybe some artificial smoke for that dramatic effect? The possibilities are endless when it comes to these gorgeously unique plants. 

Multi-colored anthuriums in a garden. spooky flowers

Like you, I am a sucker for gorgeous flora that look amazing and are easy to care for. Whether offered as a gift or used to decorate and attract luck, Anthuriums have so many bits of power vested in them, and it’d be a mistake not to own (or gift) one, two, or even five of here. They do come in a wide range of colors, after all.  

You’ve learned a ton about Anthurium of all kinds. Now what?

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