A Guide to Selecting Flowers as Gifts for Men”

Whether it’s for a boss, colleague, friend, or relative, presenting flowers as gifts for men is a thoughtful and increasingly popular gesture that speaks volumes about appreciation and respect. However, navigating the etiquette of gifting flowers to men can require a bit of insight. From selecting the right type to understanding the significance of colors and arrangements, there are several simple yet important tips to keep in mind to ensure your floral gift is well-received.

Moreover, with the convenience of international flower delivery services, it’s easier than ever to send a sophisticated floral arrangement to the special men in your life, no matter where they are in the world.

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The Best Flower Gifts For Men

Many florists think that a classical ‘man’ bouquet must have an oblong form and a pale color gamut. This idea goes back to Roman Empire times when a warder, an ensign and a cresset were a necessary attribute of masculinity. In height a bouquet can be about a meter, but in width not more than 30 cm, as it accentuates the refinement and accuracy of the proportions. 

Flowers with long stems ideally suit for a ‘man’ bouquet. They look austere and at the same time have interesting shape and attract attention. Typically ‘man’ flowers are gladioluses (latin ‘gladius’ – sword). But one can also give delphiniums, chrysanthemums, irises, carnations, dahlias and of course roses. Exotic flowers are also good, because they live longer and don’t need any special care. If you know a man not too well stick to the classic rules – roses with a lot of greenary. Pink roses are neutral and can be given to both men and women.

When choosing a color remember that a bouquet should be neither pale nor motley. It has been observed that men like to give bright bouquets but to receive single-colour ones. Typically men colors are red, purple, blue and all the warm colors (from yellow to orange-red). It’s better to avoid flowers of pastel shades because they look more feminine. Also pay some special attention to the wrapping, it shouldn’t be gaudy – no ruche, bows and gold paper.

More Gifts for Men

Gift baskets
If you want to give a present to a man but feel a bit awkward to give flowers, you can present him a gift basket, flower basket or a fruit basket including sweets, spirits and other items. It’s a good corporate gift for a business partner or a boss. Besides, it’s even more practical to give gift baskets, than just a bouquet as businessmen don’t usually have time to put the flowers in a vase. Thanks to a floral foam soaked with water flowers can live much longer without any special care.

Don’t feel shy to give flowers to men! And do remember that according to the research men enjoy receiving gifts just as much as women, although you may never get one of them to admit it!


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Gift Certificates

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