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Nolly is a digital head that's spun by amazing content, and she does a little happy dance when brands get it right. She has six solid years of creative digital account management and writing experience, and can say hi in at least 14 languages. Careful not to ask her to tell you a story though because once she starts, it's difficult to stop!

The Lotus: The National Flower of India

The lotus is a sacred and worship-worthy in different religious groups across various regions for time immemorial. Held in high esteem as the symbol of enlightenment and new beginnings, the lotus blossoms out of the muddiest waters yet embodies such purity and beauty – the complete opposite of the environment in which it thrives. Continue reading

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Spooky Life of Flowers: The Exotic Anthurium

Anthuriums are popular leather-textured house plants that come in a wide variety of colors. They make for great gifts, have a few legends centered around them, and are pretty easy to take care of. Keen on finding more about these spooky but gorgeous plants? Keep scrolling. Continue reading

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Father’s Day Plants & Flowers Dad Will Love

If I were tasked with mentioning all the reasons that make fathers so special and worth celebrating internationally, we would need thousands of scrolls, dozens of durable feathers, and gallons of ink to pen down all the things that pop … Continue reading

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