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Sweetest Day: Unique Ways to Send Love

It is said that you always gain by giving more love, and by giving more, you will never lose. We express our love in many ways, but our goal is always to show appreciation for those we care about most. Every day is an opportunity to showcase our love in small ways, but occasionally there are special days that encourage us to spread kindness as far and wide as possible. Then Sweetest Day is one of those occasions! 

Held on the third Saturday of October, the Sweetest Day is a day of showing appreciation with gifts of candy or gestures of kindness to those you care about or anyone who could use a little more sweetness in their lives! While the tradition started with gifting candy and sweets to family and friends, the day is laced with lessons of caring for others in need and doing small things. It is a day that reminds us that even the smallest acts of kindness can improve the lives of those around us. Let’s take a closer look at Sweetest Day and how Russian Flora can help you celebrate. 

Sweetest Day: Purple macarons and pink flowers.

What is Sweetest Day, and Where is it Celebrated?

You may be asking yourself, “what exactly is Sweetest Day, and how did it come about?”. You may not have heard of this special holiday, but we believe that it is a day that deserves more recognition. After all, it is all about spreading more love worldwide, and we all know we could use a little more of that! 

National Sweetest Day is a day that encourages everyone to be generous and kind. Formerly known as Candy Day, the tradition was established in 1922 when a group of American candy companies came together to distribute sweets to some of the city’s most vulnerable people. They gave away more than 20,000 boxes of candy to orphanages, the sick, and the elderly.

100 years later, Sweetest Day has become a vehicle for spreading kindness and good vibes. Areas like Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana fused the meaning of the day with values like caring for your neighbors and showing gestures of kindness. Today, Ohio is the number one celebrator of Sweetest Day.

Valentine’s Day Vs. Sweetest Day Bouquets

Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day are similar because they allow folks to celebrate their loved ones. Whether through small gifts, love trinkets, candy, or flowers, both occasions are a good time to celebrate the ones you love most. 

However, unlike Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day is not only about our romantic partners but has an added emphasis on helping those in need. On Sweetest Day, every bit helps, and it’s an opportunity to reflect on what truly matters to us. You can spread a little cheer to your coworkers, family members, or anyone who you think deserves a little sweetness. Sweetest Day is a great reason to show your family, friends, and partners just how much you appreciate them. And what better way to do it than with a flower bouquet!

Let’s look at the best bouquets for Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day! We often try to highlight our romantic partner’s personal taste through a bouquet, so we suggest building your own bouquet with our “Your Own Bouquet Builder” gift set. The perfect way to set your own budget and include your sweetheart’s favorite flowers. If your love prefers something sweet, our edible arrangements are a lovely blend of sweet treats and traditional flowers that will have them impressed! 

When it comes to flower bouquets for National Sweetest Day, the possibilities are endless! Depending on who the recipient is, your choice of flowers can speak for itself. If you want to surprise a co-worker or friend, go for something classic like sunflowers or daisies. If your lucky recipient is within your family or close circle of friends, a wonderful mix of flowers and chocolate treats is what you should spoil them with.  

A man giving a woman a bunch of pink flowers for Sweetest Day

Fun Facts About Sweetest Day and Flowers

The main goal of Sweetest Day is to take care of all those who need extra attention. Usually, it is a time to show support to the ones that need it most by sharing a kind thought, a small gift, or a hand-written card with a sweet message. It is also common to share gifts of candy, chocolate, and flowers with someone you appreciate. To keep the sweetness going, let’s explore some fun facts about flowers and Sweetest Day:

-Sweetest Day is a holiday about love! You may be surprised to know that Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day dedicated to spreading love! Sweetest Day is an opportunity to spread positivity and basically just be a nice person! 

-It might seem obvious that Sweetest Day is celebrated by giving candy and sweets. But, your tokens of affection are not limited to candy. Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but flowers speak their own language! Receiving a bouquet of flowers on your doorstep is a sure way to make your day! 

-Did you know that flowers are symbolic? Different types and colors of flowers hold different meanings. You can communicate a message to your loved one by selecting a specific kind of flower or color. Yellow roses communicate friendship and trust, while sunflowers symbolize joy and gratitude.

How YOU Can Celebrate Sweetest Day:

Appreciate the Special People in Your Life

Write down a list of the people that you value within your life and think of a special way to make them feel appreciated. Don’t restrict yourself to a significant other; instead, think about family, friends, and colleagues who may not know just how much you appreciate them. Think big and spread the sweetness as far and wide as possible. You don’t only have to give gifts on Sweetest Day. Maybe you can take your mother out for the day, or tell somebody that you love them. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this special day.

Give a Thoughtful Gift

When it comes to Sweetest Day gifts, it’s hard to go wrong with edible treats, and chocolate wrapped in heart-shaped boxes. Although these gifts are always appreciated, you can choose to make an extra effort by sending your loved one something they will adore. Flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, so we suggest sending over a bouquet of their favorite flowers with ribbons and bows attached. Remember that the best gifts come from the heart, so if you’re doing something special, go big or go home!   

Bake Goodies for Others

Be a reminder of the sweetness in the world by baking some homemade goodies for your friends, neighbors, and even strangers! Everyone loves homemade cookies, muffins, and cakes, so this is a great opportunity to spread the love. If you’re not so great at baking, you can always order a cake online and send it to your recipient’s doorstep!

Happy Sweetest Day

How will you celebrate Sweetest Day this 15th of October? You certainly can’t go wrong with sending a gift to someone who needs a reminder of the sweetness in the world. It is, after all, the Sweetest Day of the year!

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