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Grandma’s Flower Garden: Flowers Your Grandparents Will Cherish This Grandparent’s Day

In my younger years, I would often spend weeks upon weeks at my grandparent’s house, anticipating homemade donuts, shopping mall outings, and, to my mom’s dismay, gaining in-depth knowledge about my grandfather’s tobacco pipe (for the record, I never smoked it!) To me, my grandparents are the 8th wonder of the world, and just like you would a flower, they nurtured me into the kind, loving, and slightly neurotic, adult I am today. 

To be honest, Grandparents Day does ring a bell, but I’ve never really known much about it, let alone celebrated it. But, considering how much I adore my grandparents, I’m definitely glad I did some digging. If you’ve clicked on this article, I’m sure you feel the same about your golden oldies. Read below as I tell you more about Grandparents Day and how you can celebrate with flowers with the help of Russian Flora.

Grandparents Day Flowers: happy senior couple with bunch of flowers at home

Grandparent’s Day: A History

In 1969, a 9-year-old boy named Russel Capper wrote a letter to President Richard Nixon, advocating for a day dedicated to grandparents. Unfortunately, President Nixon (apparently completely immune to cuteness) denied his request. 

However, in the 1970s, a lady named Marian Mquade would drive the cause home. Being part of the Aging and Nursing Home Licensing Board of West Virginia, she started a campaign that encouraged people to visit elderly family members, and eventually wanted it to become a holiday. Grandparents Day became an observance in West Virginia in 1973, and by 1978 (by then celebrated in over 43 states) President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it an official holiday. 

Grandparents Day was first celebrated as a national holiday the following year in 1979.

Grandparent’s Day Around The World:

After Grandparents Day became an official holiday in the USA, the celebration made it’s way to different corners of the world. Today, different countries have their own unique traditions to celebrate their elderly family members and role models. Here are a few ways that people celebrate their grandparents around the world:

France: Fetè Des Grands-Mères/Grands-Pères

The celebration of grandparents in France, particularly grandmothers, all started with a coffee brand called Cafe Grand Mere. Originally a commercial holiday, Grandparents Day is now observed on the first Sunday of March as French families gather to celebrate their elderly loved ones.

A study performed by French florists found that the sales of flowers, specifically houseplants, and orchids, increase significantly on this day. Making flowers one of the most popular gifts to send. And lucky you! We have a wonderful range of plants and orchids ready to arrive on your grandparents’ doorstep. 


Americans celebrate Grandparent’s Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day. And as the birthplace of this holiday, many people spend it visiting elderly family members and caring for senior citizens in nursing homes. 

Of course, grandchildren also spend the day showering their grandparents with gifts and partaking in their favorite hobbies. Whether it be baking cookies, or, in my case, learning about the intricacies of an old man’s pipe (I’m kidding but also not kidding).

Italy: La Festa Dei Nonni

It took a while for Grandparents Day to make its way to the Italians, as it has only been celebrated since 2005, on October 2nd every year. There are two important initiatives that take place on Grandparents Day in Italy: 1. Singing the official Grandparents Song called Ninna Nonna, and 2. Gifting your grandparent with the official Grandparents day flower; a forget-me-not, also known as ‘nontiscordardime’.


Celebrated on the 28th of August each year, much like Americans, Mexicans also spend Grandparents Day caring for the elderly, especially those in hospital. 

In Mexico, it is also common for grandparents to live in the same household as their grandchildren, allowing them to play an active role in their lives. Many families spend the day together and feast on the grandparents’ favorite meal.

The Netherlands: Opa en Oma Dag

Grandparent’s Day is not widely celebrated in the Netherlands but is observed to increase the respect people have for senior citizens. It can also be a day for grandparents and great-grandparents to spend time with their families.

Grandparents Day Flowers: Family of grandparent's, parents, and kids with their dog on a beautiful sunny day.

Do’s and Dont’s For Buying Gifts This Grandparents Day

These sweethearts don’t ask for much. If you’re there to listen to their stories, and, in my experience, show them how to change their Whatsapp profile picture one million and three times, they’re as happy as can be. But, you can also use Grandparents Day to show them some extra love with a gift! To guide you to the perfect gift for your grandparent, here are a few do’s and dont’s:

Don’t Do the Bath Bombs and Body Products Gift Basket

Not only are they outdated and kind of predictable, your grandparents probably still have last year’s body products sitting on their shelf. My grandmother is, to say the least, a body lotion hoarder. So, I try not to fuel her habit and have taken it upon myself to warn everyone against doing so as well. 

Do Send Them Some Treats

The elderly know better than to let snacks go to waste. Making a sweet gift basket is the perfect gift for Grandparents Day. Have a look at our wide range of sweet treats to satisfy your granny or grandad’s sweet tooth. 

Don’t Send A Digital Gift If You Know They Aren’t Tech Savvy  

I’ve learned the hard way that something that seems straightforward to me (a half-millennia, quarter gen-z with minimal tech knowledge) may seem like absolute rocket science to an elderly person. Unless they’re in the know, or willing to learn, rather steer clear. 

Do Make A Grand Gesture

And what’s more grand than sending flowers!? Okay, maybe buying them a car, but who has that kind of money right now? Flowers are the perfect gift for your grandparents. They’re memorable (some of them last forever), affordable, and just downright pretty. 

Grandparents Day Flowers: Pretty sunflowers on a wood background

How YOU Can Make Grandparent’s Day Special With Flowers

I’m hoping you’re sold on the flowers idea because I’ve got some more tips on how you can spoil your grandparents with the perfect bouquet: 

Show Your Love With Lillies

Apart from forget-me-nots, lilies are also known as the flower that represents grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa will certainly appreciate these beautiful and vibrant flowers as a symbol of your love. 

Say It All With Sunflowers

You really can say it all with these larger-than-life blooms. Grandparents brighten up our lives, so do the same for them by sending sunflowers their way. 

Show Them You Care With A Colorful Arrangement

Surprise them with an arrangement filled with color. And with us, you can make it extra special by customizing their bouquet

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