Long-Distance Relationship Success Story

With so many different ways to come together virtually, starting a long-distance relationship has become more and more common. And in the world of working from home, many romantic relationships can end up long-distance for periods of time as partners take advantage and travel. The Russian Flora team strives to help those in love stay together and convey their emotions to one another through gifts.

Today we’re lucky enough to share the story of one power couple, Devon and Anna. Devon was kind enough to interview with us to share the story of how their relationship has blossomed. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up or tips on maintaining a long-distance relationship, keep on reading.

Long-Distance Relationship - roses, garland, and gift

Finding Love on the Internet

When asked how they met – Devon confessed they found each other online. Devon lives in the United States, and Anna lives in Russia. Their romance blossomed over six months, with plenty of Skype dates to get to know one another. Devon immediately saw something special in Anna and realized he’d like to spoil her early on. So he took to the internet to find out how he could do that, stating:

“I had just met Anna and wanted to find a way to get gifts/flowers to her if I wanted to send some. With the current war and political situation sending things were basically impossible through normal channels. When I found Russian Flora and used their service I was very pleased with it!”

Luckily, he found us! And our team was invested in the couple’s sweet story. Keeping connections like this is exactly what motivated our team to work tirelessly to continue service in the CIS region.

Building A Long-Distance Relationship with Romantic Gestures

With the help of the Russian Flora team – Devon quickly became an all-star gift giver. He surprises Anna at least once a month with something sweet. We asked Devon what motivated his generous heart and how he felt his gifts contributed to his newfound romance. He said, “I think giving gifts and helping whenever possible is extremely important to relationships. Especially over distances. It helps keep a connection I think.”

As his long-distance relationship continued to grow, so did his gifts. Devon first started off by sending classic flower gifts. But as he continued sending flowers, he realized he needed more. After speaking with our customer service team to explain what he hoped to be able to send Anna, he was in for a delightful surprise.

The team took great pleasure in letting Devon know there was a feature he hadn’t yet used – the ability to create custom orders. While this service does take a little extra time, Devon was overjoyed, stating, “The custom gifts ability has been a godsend.”

With this new ability unlocked, the gifts between the couple started to become more and more personal. Not only was Devon able to send the classics and give Anna some well-deserved cheering up, he realized he could also help and support her in more personal ways. He worked with the Russian Flora team to find ways to support Anna’s artistic endeavors. He even came up with one of the most unique and thoughtful gift ideas we’ve had the pleasure of executing. The tools necessary to pursue tattooing!

Long-Distance Relationship - Rose bouquet being held over water

Helping Keep the Romance Burning

The team practically melted at Devon’s thoughtfulness. After all, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to any kind of gift. And Devon has consistently demonstrated that he’s taking his long-distance relationship with Anna seriously! Showing off how well he’s gotten to know her by working with the Russian Flora team to put together unique and thoughtful gifts for the woman he loves.

The Russian Flora team’s investment in Devon and his relationship clearly shows. When asked what about our service stands out, Devon had this thoughtful reply:

“What stands out to me has been the customer service’s exceptional help and their ability to accommodate individuals needs. The company will literally bend over backwards to help fulfill their customers needs. That is a very rare commodity these days and I will always be very grateful. This company is the only company I know of where the CEO would take a personal interest in helping an ordinary customer like me. I made an inquiry to customer service about something I needed. The reply I got was from Dmitriy himself. He offered to personally help me with my problem himself. That shows what a remarkable person he is and clearly he has surrounded himself in his company with like-minded, generous, and helpful people willing to bend over backwards to help.”

Making Your Long-Distance Relationship a Little Closer

Devon is one of our many happy customers. And it is success stories like this that motivate our team to go above and beyond to make sure each and every gift has a happy ending. We look forward to continuing to serve Devon and Anna as their relationship grows. And we sincerely hope this glimpse into their romance success story can help inspire your own.

It doesn’t matter if your lover is across the ocean or next to you in bed. RussianFlora.com is ready and waiting to help you pull off the best romantic surprises anywhere in the world. If you’d like to learn more about what the Russian Flora team can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our gift experts are standing by 24/7 to help you become a gift-giving master!

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