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About Alex London

-I am a hopeless romantic who was supposed to be born in Italy (it's my dream destination), but proud to be South African nonetheless.
-I live by my heart and, consequently, leave a little bit of me in everything I write.
-I currently stay in a small apartment that I clean obsessively due to self-diagnosed OCD.
-My friends would say I'm kind and patient, my mom would say I'm loving but sometimes a little naive, my ex-boyfriend would say I don't know how to apologize (but who cares lol).
-I'm a writer who doesn't read much - working on that.
-I truly believe mermaids (and fairies) exist.
-I am deathly afraid of the age '30'.

Take Care Of Your Flowers: A Quick How-To

I can only count on one hand (maybe even less) the number of times I’ve received flowers in my life. However, I have kept these moments locked safely away within the library of my romantic mind. A clear indication of … Continue reading

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