Bring Spring Home with Winter Flowers & Decor

Flowers make everything better, that’s a given. Nothing lifts a mood or living space like a bright bouquet of flowers. Is there anything more cheerful on a dreary day than fresh blooms in a vase? From winter flowers to preserved petals, with our tips there’s no need to wait until someone brings you a bouquet to give your interior some spring floral flair.

Did you know that when you are around flowers feelings of happiness and well-being significantly increase? Fresh flower are also proven to chase away anxieties. So, why wait for spring if you can welcome winter flowers into your life today regardless of what the calendar (or thermometer) says? Keep reading to find out how to make your home bloom any time of the year using these 5 easy flower decor tips.

Flowers on Table

A Green House Is a Happy House full of Winter Flowers

Want your home bloom in January even though it’s freezing outside? Turn your living space into a greenhouse by placing greenery throughout the house. Kitchen, dining room, living room are often the most strategically important. But any room you spend a lot of time in should get the green treatment. The more flowers and houseplants you see throughout the day, the better your disposition is. Aim for at least two plants for each room: one large plant to go on the floor, and a small one on the table or windowsill.

Bring an extra boost of color and cheer in your life with potted flowers that bloom in winter. Amaryllis are among the most popular winter flowers for a number of reasons. Prized for its large lily-like trumpet blooms, which can last for several weeks, a dramatic blooming red amaryllis is a stylish choice for holiday centerpiece. Sold as bulbs or blooming plants, it has become a popular Christmas and New Year gift.

African violets are another wonderful choice for winter flowers. And they can actually bloom throughout the year. Beautiful and easy to grow, African violets come in so many shapes and colors, they are a perennial windowsill favorite. Give them a lot of indirect sunlight, keep the soil moist and they will reward you with attractive leaves and stunning blooms. African violets make a dazzling decoration for windows, tabletops or mantels.

The Cymbidium orchid is also in the top 3 of the best winter flowers. Beloved for their large sprays of colorful flowers, orchids bloom for up to ten weeks, usually during winter and spring.

If taking care of potted plants sounds like too much work for you, a display of fresh flowers in a vase can also add a splash of spring colors and an extra boost to your mood. One more bonus: plants and flowers act as a natural air filter!

Flowers with Letter

Get Creative (and Fruity)

When someone sends you a beautiful flower arrangement, make sure you take care in displaying them proudly. Say no to boring vases, it’s time to experiment! Pretty much any container can serve as a vase, so have fun. Use your imagination and repurpose items you already have at home such as wine bottles, pitchers, mason jars, teapots or even colorful rain boots!

The next step, get fruity!

  • Take two glass containers (vases will work, too) of different sizes and fit one inside the other.
  • Make sure there’s not more than an inch of room between them.
  • Fill ¾ of the space between the two vases with water and slip in slices of lemons (or limes) for a bright centerpiece.
  • Pop your accent flowers in the center vase.

Voilà, you’re ready to welcome spring into your home. Brightly colored fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes also make excellent centerpieces when arranged in a pretty bowl. And they are as functional as they are fashionable! Not only are they an inexpensive décor—they’re convenient to have on hand for whipping up a fresh spring salad or smoothie. If you aren’t sure how to put an edible display together yourself there are plenty of lovely edible bouquets available to send your friends and family.

If you have leftover flowers with shorter stems, don’t rush to trash them. Instead display them in a pretty teacup. To keep the stems together (and also make it easier to change the water) use a clear hair tie or floral tape. Place these simple, pretty flower accents  throughout the house as a perfect reminder that spring is on its way.

Beautiful Bouquet

Frame it

Did someone send you flowers that you don’t want to wilt? Consider displaying it in a frame! That’s called flower appreciation on a new level. To press a flower, place it face down in a heavy book lined with parchment paper. Weigh it down with a couple other books on top, and leave it alone for 7 to 10 days. When the pressed flower is ready, place it on contrasting paper in a bright frame, and your original floral decoration is ready to brighten any room.

Spring at Your Doorstep

Winter is all about green wreaths decorated with pine cones, noble fir, holly berries, and eucalyptus. Those are beautiful, but they scream winter and we want a burst of spring color. Nothing says you’re all set for warm weather like a spring wreath of bright tulips, daffodils, hydrangea or even some colorful Easter eggs. Every time you come home to open the door you’ll get a little rush of spring and a big smile on your face.

Hanging Garden

If a spring floral wreath is not your thing, consider repurposing old wicker baskets as hanging plant holders in your entryway. Use rope or twine to hang them clustered at different heights. Then place potted plants or fresh flowers inside, and the refreshing greenery is ready to add visual impact when guests first enter the house.

Wicker Basket of Flowers

You can’t go wrong with the beautiful flowers. The next time you send that special someone a bouquet, try sending this blog with it. This one extra step shows them you’re carefully picking out the perfect flowers to send, and you’re trying to help them make the most of their bouquet. Whatever you do, do it with love, do it with style, and make sure you do it for them.

Now you know 5 easy ways to make it feel like spring inside even if it’s freezing outside. Now what?

-Treat yourself or your special someone to a spring-inspired flower arrangement! Just like we said, surrounding yourself with flowers is a first step to turn your home into a beautiful and happy place to be.

-Share this blog and keep on reading. Explore Most Popular Flowers for New Year Around the World or learn How to Boost Concentration and Productivity at Your Study Space.

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