How to Boost Concentration And Productivity at Your Study Space

A new school year is here, and that means a fresh set of goals and a renewal of energy geared toward making the upcoming year the best one yet. For some of you, this could mean anything from rethinking your workspace to rebranding your business. While the second one requires a little more time and effort, sprucing up your study space is the simplest way to boost productivity that will result in achieving higher goals either at work or studies.

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Buy some flowers!
Why you need some Vitamin F in your life

Have you ever thought that something as simple – and pretty – as a bouquet of flowers can boost your productivity both at home and in the workplace in a number of ways? It’s true! You can really feel happier and more energetic for the entire day after looking at flowers first thing in the morning. Also, having a floral display on your desk can reduce anxiety, negativity, and even improve your memory. The best news is that flowers seem to be equal-opportunity happy makers. You see, they aren’t just for women; we all benefit from the mere sight of flowers one way or another.

The same is true about potted plants. Aside from boosting concentration, reducing stress and improving air quality, desk plants are also very pleasant to look at. They should be the number one decoration in your room for better productivity and good academic results. If you’re worried about taking care of your plants, there are many low-maintenance options for all the busy bees out there. Something like Ponytail Palm will absorb the excess of carbon dioxide in your room that causes headaches and drowsiness, while making a bold statement. The classic Money Tree is known to reduce stress levels. Stylish cacti and succulents on your desk will help you focus. Exotic Aloe Vera promotes a sense of optimism and well-being while charming Peace Lily improves memory.

Some studies suggest that both indoor plants and cut flowers in the workplace can also improve problem solving skills and promote creativity. People working in an environment with flora have demonstrated more innovative thinking and generated more ideas, than those who don’t have any flowers around during working hours.

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The Power of Colors
Best Colors For Concentration And Productivity

As much as our productivity depends on the ability to learn how to focus, sometimes it’s the small — and often unnoticed — things that boost our efficiency. Did you know that colors alone can impact our mood and affect productivity and learning potential in many ways? Just like some colors help us to be more productive, other hurt our efficiency. So, if you’ve been having trouble getting any work done in your all white workspace you have those bland walls to blame.

To boost productivity in your study or office space here are top three colors that will stimulate your mind and aid concentration:

Red: Physical
Red is a powerful and stimulating color that can evoke a strong physical response in your body, such as increasing heart rate, raising blood pressure, even activating the “fight or flight” instinct. Red stimulates brain activity, attracts attention, and can trigger hunger. Incorporating small accents of reds in an office or study space (e.g. some furniture or decoration) can create an energetic environment. However, if overused, it can be very overwhelming and distracting. Unless your work requires a lot of physical effort be very careful with red in your room decor.

Yellow: Creative
If you want to get the creative juices flowing in your workspace, choose uplifting yellow. This brain stimulating color is often linked to positive emotions like happiness, optimism and excitement. Used in office décor, yellow can help people working in creative fields to come up with new, innovative ideas. But be mindful to use it in moderation. Bright yellow can be jarring on the eyes and can cause anger or frustration.

Blue: Intellectual
Blue is one of the most popular choices to use in any workspace environment. This soothing color helps to calm the mind and aid concentration. Studies have shown that blue rooms improve learning capabilities in students and increase productivity. It also enhances wakefulness and supports clear communication. If you’re in an office environment blue is great for completing administrative tasks that require maximum focus.

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Sniff the Difference
5 Scents That Can Transform Your Mood and Productivity        

Aromatherapy probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when you want to boost your productivity and brainpower, but it certainly should be. Smell is the strongest of the senses and is best able to influence our brain activity. Get a whiff of this: certain aromas can fire up your focus, amp up alertness, and even fight anxiety.

Taking a tough test or rushing to meet the deadline? Smelling the citrusy scent could be just what your mood and motivation need. It promotes concentration and has calming and clarifying properties that are helpful when you’re feeling angry, anxious or exhausted. According to Ohio State University research the smell of lemon also increases a brain chemical linked to executive decision-making.

Need some help during brainstorming session? Try peppermint, an energy booster that invigorates the mind, promotes concentration and stimulates clear thinking. According to some studies the uplifting scent of peppermint also reduces mental fatigue and burnout.

Trying to memorize a lot of information for college exam or a long speech? Inhaling the scent of rosemary is known to increase concentration while reducing stress. Some research suggests that rosemary improves speed and accuracy during demanding mental tasks, as well as memory in general. It also has stimulating properties that help fight physical exhaustion, headaches and mental fatigue.

How to Boost Concentration And Productivity at Your Study Space

When you need aid fighting stressful situations in your life the lavender scent will come to rescue. It has a soothing effect on our nerves and calming properties that help control emotional stress. Lavender is also known to relieve nervous tension and depression as well as treat headaches and migraines.

Want to keep your cool during an important meeting or interview? The smell of jasmine will leave you feeling confident, optimistic and revitalized in any situation. It can even speed up your reaction time. That’s the reason why some baseball players have been wearing jasmine-scented armbands during games and enjoyed both an improved mood and better play.

These decorative tips can breathe new life into your old workspace, and help you generate new ideas for a new year. But don’t forget the basics, like organization and comfort! If you’re in your space for long hours you want to make sure it’s one that doesn’t leave you feeling achy. The best work spaces are ones that you genuinely enjoy being in, without too much distraction from your actual work of course.

So, now you’re all ready to go back to school. What’s next?
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