Most Popular Flowers for New Year Around the World

What is New Year if not a fresh start and new beginning? It’s the perfect time to reevaluate our lives, make some changes, and improvements! At Russian Flora, we have already started looking forward to a new beginning by picking bouquets with the most popular Flowers for New Year. Bouquets are beautiful living symbols of a fresh start.

The importance of flowers as a symbol for New Year across the globe cannot be overestimated. Flowers play a significant role during New Year’s celebrations in many cultures. Knowing what flowers symbolize in New Year’s celebrations all over the world will help you send the perfect flower arrangements to your loved ones, where ever they start the year.

pink gladiolus

Flowers for New Year in BRAZIL: Roses & Gladiolus

The most popular New Year’s flowers in Brazil are white roses and gladiolus. In Brazil, the New Year festivities include a celebration for Lemanjá. She is believed to be a Goddess of the Sea and symbolizes motherhood. Her roots stretch from an African tradition, all the way to Brazil. The celebration is a sight to behold! At sunset, thousands dress in white and gather on the beach. They carry big wicker baskets filled with fresh flowers and other offerings to honor Lemanjá. Many Brazilians believe if they throw their flowers in the water at midnight they receive the blessings for the whole year. Hoping to start the year off with a clean slate, people offer Lemanjá white roses and gladiolus. Custom says if your gifts go out to sea and do not return, the goddess accepts them, and your wishes will come true in the upcoming year.

Sending your loved ones in Brazil a bouquet with white roses and gladiolus is the perfect gift for their New Year’s celebration.

chrysanthemum bouquet

Flowers for New Year in CHINA: Chrysanthemums & Orchid

Chinese New Year is based on a lunar calendar and falls somewhere between late January and early February. This year, Chinese New Year is on February 16th, 2018. The Chinese New Year festival cannot be celebrated without flowers. They are important symbols for luck, good fortune, and blessings for friends and family.  The grandest celebration during the year is decorated with the most popular flowers in China for New Year. These include Orchids, Chrysanthemums, Azaleas, and Lucky Bamboo. Each is said to bring prosperity into people’s homes. Flowers play such a significant role in the festivities that most homes  and businesses are festooned with decorations made of flowers.

The main colors for the celebration are red and god. Red brings joy and scares away evil spirits. Gold is for good fortune, of course. With their bright gold or red hues, chrysanthemums are an auspicious flower for Chinese New Year. They symbolize longevity, represent wealth, and prosperity. Orchids are also quite popular, and bouquets are part of the celebration. They symbolize freshness, abundance, and purity. Potted orchids are a popular Chinese New Year gift to wish a loved one luck with their clean slate.

Flowers for New Year in Vietnam: Marigolds & Fruit Blossoms

The Vietnamese New Year typically falls on the same day as the Chinese New Year. New Year in Vietnam is a Spring celebration. Unlike many Asian countries where decorating a Christmas Tree isn’t really popular, people in Vietnam have adopted and modified the western custom. Instead of pines, they decorate bamboo trees with bright flowers, lucky charms, and streamers. To scare away evil spirits people also use flowers with specific meanings. Marigolds symbolize longevity. Fruit blossoms are for fertility. Chrysanthemums, lavender are often included as well. Other colorful blooms like orchid and roses are gaining popularity for New Year in Vietnam.

Basically, you can’t go wrong when you send a colordul flower arrangement for New Year in Vietnam. But if you want something traditional, a marigold bouquet or fruit blossom display are the oldest flower gifts for New year.

‘Flowers’ for New Year in USA: Living Edible Bouquet Art

In the United States there is no official New Year’s flower. Instead all New Year gifts aim to have a certain feel. American’s want whimsy, hope, joy, and frivolity for their New Year celebration. It’s a time when everyone lets their hair down, and starts the year with a bang.

Most popular flowers for New Year in USA: Edible bouquetsEdible Bouquets are popular for New Year in the USA

To match the festive mood send an edible bouquet. An arrangement dotted with chocolates or fruit, is perfect on display. Not to mention, it’s delicious and won’t fade like flowers. Potted plants, like succulents, herbs, or bonsai, are also a perfect New Year’s gift. They offer a promise to grow and prosper along with your friends and family, and brighten up any space!

While flowers may not be your first pick for a New Year’s gift, you should give them a second thought. They are always a classy addition to a bottle of Champagne, or gourmet hamper. Flowers have great meaning in so many countries that adding them to your gift can make it stand out that much more.

This is just a glimpse into some cultures around the world that use flowers in their New Year’s celebrations. Learn more about different New Year celebration styles in Epic Celebrations: American vs. Russian New Year. Or get ready for the New Year celebrations: send your friends and family beautiful New Year flowers and Christmas gifts. Share the holiday cheer by sharing this article!

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