7 Unique Flowers for a Mother’s Day Surprise

We are reaching out to send our happiest Mother’s Day wishes to all the amazing moms out there! A Mother’s Day surprise is the perfect way to express our gratitude to all the incredible women in our lives. Whether it’s through words of encouragement, acts of kindness, or endless love, moms have a special way of making our lives more meaningful. 

Celebrated on the 14th of May, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift. And, what better way to do that than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? In this blog, we’ve curated a list of seven unique flowers to surprise your mom with on Mother’s Day. Read below to discover more about these gorgeous blooms! 

Mom holding a bouquet of tulips with son and daughter on Mother's Day.

Black Bat Flower: The Bold Mom 

This is the ideal flower for the mother with fearless vitality and a daring spirit. The Black Bat Flower is a special bloom reserved for a special kind of mom! A striking flower with long, bat-shaped petals and a bright red center. This exotic-looking flower is sure to capture her attention. 

The unusual plant symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, making it the perfect flower for the mom who lives life like there’s no tomorrow! 

Mother's day surprise: The Black Bat flower is a wonderful Mother's Day Gift

Parrot’s Beak: The Artistic Mom 

A vibrant, claw-shaped flower with bright orange and red petals, this beautiful bloom is a wonderful choice for a mom with an artistic flair. Not only is this flower known to symbolize creativity and passion. It’s unique branches grow in a sporadic fashion, resembling the free-spirited nature of our artist moms. 

For the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise, we suggest placing the Parrot’s Beak in a colorful vase that compliments its orange hues. Include a note on your Mother’s Day gift encouraging her to pursue her passions and let her creativity soar.

Chocolate Cosmos: The Chocolate-Lover Mom 

No explanation needed, this flower is exclusively reserved for the moms addicted to chocolate. And, I’m pretty sure that’s a large number of ladies! Described as a dark, velvety brown flower, can you believe that this flower literally smells like chocolate? I mean what it comes to sweet smelling flowers, what more could she ask for? Representing deep love, passion and sensuality, this flower is best paired with a box of her favorite chocolates, along with a sweet note expressing your love and gratitude. 

Ghost Orchid: The Ethereal Mom 

With an affinity towards angels, ghosts, spirits, and mythical creatures alike, the Ghost Orchid is a superb flower for the mom with magical qualities. A delicate, white flower with an ethereal appearance, this mystical bloom looks as if it is wondrously floating on thin air. If this sounds somewhat like your mom, then this is the flower for you. Representing an energy mystery, rarity and spirituality, the Ghost Orchid is our favorite choice for the mom connected to this world and beyond. 

As a mother’s day surprise, we suggest that you place the orchid in a clear vase with a few sprigs of greenery to emphasise its otherworldly beauty. Include a crystal or amulet to represent your love for her. 

Heliconia: The Beach-bum Mum

A tropical plant that loves hot weather and plenty of water, the Heliconia plant is our favorite bloom for the mom that loves spending her days under the sun! The brightly colored flower has a long and thin shape surrounded by lush greenery. Described as a flower known for its vibrancy and optimism – this is for the mom is always up for a good time! 

Pair your Heliconia flower with a hand-written note encouraging your mom to always remain positive and continue finding joy in life’s little moments. 

Edelweiss: The Tiny Mom

We all know a mom that is just too cute to handle! You’d never even guess how feisty she is. The Edelweiss is the surprise flower for her! A small, white flower with a soft, fuzzy texture and a star-shaped appearance. Also described as Switzerland’s National treasure, this tiny bloom surprisingly symbolizes courage, bravery and loyalty. 

The small, yet powerful plant is a fantastic Mother’s Day surprise for the mother with admirable strength and dedication to her family. Share the meaning of this flower, when you gift her this special bloom. 

The Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus: The Tough Mom 

Whether she’s a Crossfit training junkie, or a softie with a hard outer shell. The saying “tough as a mother” isn’t missed on us. Some mothers have the ability to persevere through the hardest of times, with the intention to emerge better than before. The Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus flower might seem delicate, but they are well-known for their resilience and endurance. 

For a Mother’s Day surprise, we suggest placing the plant in a rustic pot to highlight its desert origins. Include a personal note thanking her for being a strong and supportive presence in your life. 

Mother’s Day Surprise from a Distance 

Let’s say you’ve moved abroad or live in a different city. In this situation, celebrating Mother’s Day long distance can be tough and stressful. However, distance doesn’t mean you can’t show your love and affection. There are many ways to still pull off a Mother’s Day surprise! Surprise her with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, delivered straight to her door. 

Russian Flora has a lovely selection of Mother’s Day flowers and gifts that are sure to make her feel appreciated. If you’re stumped for choice, our personal flower selector will help you pick the best flowers for your mom! 

Celebrating Mother’s Day Your Way 

It’s important for us to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can be a sensitive holiday for some of us. While we often celebrate this day with joy and gratitude, it can also bring up feelings of grief, sadness, or even resentment for people with difficult mother relationships. 

This is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to feel these emotions, and it’s important to honor these feelings. Find ways to celebrate the positive aspects of motherhood and enjoy time with people who have played a positive role in your life. You can choose how you celebrate this Mother’s Day.

You’ve read about our unique flowers for a Mother’s Day surprise: Now What? 

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