How to Make Your Old Relationship New Again

Time flies. Seasons turn. Those favorite plants in your backyard grow old. One day you wake up and discover that you’re not in love with Backstreet Boys anymore and the next day you meet your local postal worker with a new hairstyle. This is what real life looks like: metamorphosing, turning, and growing. You can’t expect anything to remain unchanged. As such, it would be completely odd to assume that relationships would be something that stays stationary. Unfortunately (or luckily in some instances), relationships do not operate on autopilot. You can’t just let your romantic relationship drift peacefully into the ocean called ‘life’, because one day there is a chance you’ll wake up to a huge tsunami. Today, you might be comfortable with the way things are going, but in reality, any relationship takes constant effort and work.

How to Make Your Old Relationship New Again: Newlywed happy young couple embracing enjoying ocean sunset during travel holidays vacation getaway.

How to Make Your Old Relationship New Again

While we all wish that we could permanently live in the bliss of a new relationship, even the most rugged and strong long-term relationships can lose their spark. Secure relationships can fall into a routine and according to Caroline Buchanan, the author of the 15 Minute Rule, “When you’ve been together a while, it’s very easy to get complacent and find yourself drifting apart.”

While no one hopes to do this, taking your partner for granted is unfortunately something that happens all too easily. So you must stay vigilant! Making the effort to reboot your love is a huge step in the right direction. It is super important to keep the romance going and the love alive. Here are some of our favorite ways to get back those sparks and fall in love all over again.

The Good Ol’ Days- Reminiscing on the Past

Do you remember your first-ever eye-contact; that magical moment when you saw them in Central Park, near a lush maple tree, eating a chocolate ice-cream? Your heart skipped a beat just by seeing them. One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to walk along your memory lane together and relive those fun and carefree days. Go on an amusing trip through your heart-warming milestones. Such experiences will definitely melt their heart.

Take a break from everyday routine life

Sometimes, taking off together and running away from everyday life helps more than you know. While jumping on a cruise ship sounds great, you don’t need to get away to Antarctica to have some real intimate time together.[d] We suggest turning off your phones and spending the entire weekend on the couch watching movies. You can go even further and re-watch the first movie you watched together to refresh your sweet memories. Being in each other’s arms without the weight of the world on your shoulders can be enough to reboot your old relationship into something new again.

Current Day Woe’s- Remembering Why You Love Each Other Today

How to Make Your Old Relationship New Again: Man giving flowers and a gift to a woman.

Find out the ‘love languages’ in your romantic relationship

People express their love and affection in various ways, and we’ve found one of our favorite ways of discovering yours. There is a theory which speaks about the main five love languages. While this has been growing in popularity in the last several years, some people still aren’t aware of theirs. The five love languages are Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Gift Giving, and Words of Affirmation. We highly recommend you and your partner take some time, and maybe an online quiz, and find out what yours are. Recognizing the ‘language’ of your partner will definitely help you to communicate and understand each other much better.

Have common goals

Establish common goals that you can work on together as a couple. This is an amazing moment when you can work together as ‘a team’. Making future plans is a needed ingredient for better intimate connections and deeper understanding.

There aren’t any rules when it comes to these goals. Maybe it includes saving a certain amount of money to go on a vacation to Hawaii, learning a sensual Bachata dance together, or even just rearranging the furniture in your living room. Anything that allows you both to work together towards a common goal will add a little extra love to your relationship.

The Future and Beyond- Little Reminder of Why You Love Them

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Make your partner feel extra special

One of my biggest pieces of advice is, let them know that your relationship is on your priority list. Try to look for any ways to value and praise your partner. Why not play an easy game where you each list a positive trait about each other every day? Maybe you love the way they flip their hair or the way their eyebrows scrunch together while they are reading a book. The best time to compliment them on those things you love so much is in the quiet moments of your day to day. If your partner is a lover of music, why not make them a playlist of cute love songs that remind you of them?

A Token of Your Love

Plan romantic mini-dates

Who said that romantic dates are only for those in brand new relationships? Well, we absolutely disagree, and believe that there are no time limits or deadlines for your romance and tender sentiments. 4 years or 40 years married, you can still plan mini-dates for the person who gives you butterflies.

Also remember, your mini-date doesn’t need to be at a huge pompous restaurant  with escargot and violinists playing “My Heart Will Go On”. Let’s leave such luxurious moments for the best rom-coms ever. You can simply have an unusual breakfast together, meet for a picnic during your break, or send tiny romantic email messages reminding them of your deep feelings. Special time together feels extra special when you remember who it’s for; even if it’s just remembering your love likes cinnamon syrup in their coffee.

Give unexpected gifts

We believe that the power of gifting will never die. It is a magic key to the most passionate hearts. “I just wanted to make you smile.” is one of the most romantic sentences especially when accompanied by an unexpected gift. Moreover, giving unexpected gifts is an easy way to let your loved one know that you care and are thinking of them. Although we are biased, we truly believe  gift-giving can always  help in strengthening your bond with your sweetheart.

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You have already learned a lot today on how to make your old relationship new again! Now what?

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