What are the Best Flowers To Send In Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus is beautiful. With its sprawling landscape dotted with gardens in every imaginable free space, it’s only natural for its people to be in love with flowers. Flowers and bouquets are the most popular gift in Cyprus, perfect for every occasion, and everybody. One of the things a bit unique about Cyprus is that flowers are given just as often to men as they are to women. Let’s be honest, that’s a really sweet way to be. But what are the best flowers to send in Cyprus? Keep reading to find out.


With everyone in Cyprus loving flowers, it isn’t hard to imagine that florist shops and bouquets are highly sought after. Because of this, flower culture is alive and well on the island, and knowing the secret language of flowers can help you send the perfect bouquet to your loved one. Below is a list of the most popular times to send flowers to Cyprus, and you’ll find a quick reference guide for what sort of flower will say what you want best.

BirthdaysThis really depends on the birthday flowers. The best flower arrangement to send to someone in Cyprus should say a bit about them, and how you think of them. For children try bright, neon arrangements with playful flowers like daisies. For your partner try something a bit more elegant like long stem roses mixed with lilies and filled out with greens. It’s the kind of bouquet that says “I love you more with every passing year.” For friends a simple bouquet will do, something with a clear and soothing color theme. A sunset bouquet with sunflowers, iris, and chrysanthemums is the perfect way to say “Wishing you all the happiness in the world.”

WeddingsWedding flowers to Cyprus are a bit more complicated, like everything surrounding weddings. If you’re sending the bride and groom-to-be something before the wedding, you might try figuring out something that they could use as a centerpiece. If you are sending them something for when they get back from the honeymoon, a simple white bouquet of lilies, maybe with a lavender accent is a great way to offer them hope and joy in their life together.

Romantic occasionsFor anniversaries, dates, or just for saying I love you, really any flower works. Especially if you send a bouquet with chocolates or a bottle of wine! Long- stemmed roses are the go to in Cyprus, both for the elegance and because they are the universal symbol of love and devotion. For an anniversary, try sending a rose for each year you’ve been together. You’ll want to stick with reds, pinks, purples, and white accents. These colors all speak of devotion, passion, and a romance that will last.

Fairy Garden Bouquet to Cyprus  Pure Snow Bouquet to Cyprus Romantic Bouquet to Cyprus

Saying SorryWhen you need to say sorry you have a lot of flower options. The top choice of apology flowers to send to Cyprus is the Orchid. There’s many varieties that are easy to care for, and sending a live flower is a good way to bring a bit of the island’s beauty into your recipient’s home.

CongratulationsIf you’re celebrating a new job, rewarding someone for a promotion, or a friend just signed on a house, sending flowers to show your support is a very nice gesture. The bouquet you pick should be bright, with oranges, yellows, and really vivid greens. You can pick from alstromerias, a flower that symbolizes dreams and hope, chrysanthemums for friendship, daises for their inherent joy, or really anything that speaks to you of love and happiness.

If you’re stuck on picking flowers, the best thing is to pick the bouquet that looks the most exciting. The people in Cyprus are used to so much color and life in their daily view that any flowers you send them need to work to stand out. Pick out a bouquet that feels larger than life, and write a good card, and they’re sure to get the message.

So you’re ready to send some flowers?

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