August’s Birth Flower – The Gladiolus

Tall and majestic, August’s birth flower – the gladiolus – captures the essence of warm summer days. Playful ruffled leaves of a trumpet-like flower feature striking combinations and patterns of color – from delicate pastels to vibrant reds and purple.

Dramatic gladiolus flowers that bloom during July and August look impressively statuesque in any floral arrangement. Birthday wishes or declaration of love; acknowledgment or remembrance, gladiolus is the perfect choice for any occasion. Though you might have already fallen in love with August’s birth flower’s stoic beauty, there are many interesting facts about gladiolus that will help you get to know these beautiful blooms even better.


What Does the Name Gladiolus Mean?

Gladiolus, also called “sword lily” has roots not only in the ground, but also in history. In ancient Rome people saw the resemblance between the long, blade like leaves of this bloom and a gladiator’s sword, and gave the flower the name we still use today. It even became a symbol for Roman gladiators and has come to represent victory, honor and strength. After each battle the spectators would shower the winner with gladioli flowers.

Gladiolus Varieties

Native to South Africa and Asia gladioli became known in the West only in the late 18th century. Large quantities of these exotic blooms were imported to Europe back then. Originally derived from only seven species now there exist thousands of cultivated varieties and hybrids. The flowers come in all sizes, types, patterns and colors. They mix in very well with other spring and summer blooms. There is a gladiolus to complement every garden and every floral arrangement out there.

What Do Gladiolus Flowers Mean?

With August’s birth flower, you do not need to include a card because the flower itself sends a message to the recipient. Since ancient times people have believed that the gladiolus’ shape and its pointy leaves were able to pierce the heart of a loved one. They were the favorite flowers to give if you wanted to reveal your romantic feelings and make a declaration of love. With time gladioli have come to represent loyalty, honor and remembrance. But no matter what your sentiment, these striking blooms are sure to make a great statement.

Gladiolus in Cup

More Gladiolus Flower Facts:

– Do you know the plural for gladiolus? Both gladioli or gladioluses are correct. You can even call them “glads” and still have it right.

– Some parts of the gladiolus plant are poisonous and may cause skin irritation or allergies. But in England it was often used for medicinal purposes for extracting splinters and soothing colic pain.

– A famous English singer and songwriter Steven Morrissey was known for his love for gladioli flowers. During his time with The Smiths he used to perform on stage with the blooms in his hands or back pocket.

– Gladioli are used not only in birthday bouquets meant for those born in August, but also in various summer arrangements. They are also very popular for celebrating wedding anniversaries and especially the 40th wedding anniversary.

What is August’s Birthstone?

If flowers just aren’t for your loved ones, or if you need more inspiration, look no further than the August birthstone. August is the latest month to claim two birthstones – Sardonyx (original birthstone for August) and Peridot (the most popular one).

Peridot is one of those rare gems that come just in one color. The signature lime green hue of this oldest known gemstone was regarded as the symbol of the sun since ancient times. It is believed to bring the wearer royal dignity, power and endue magical and healing abilities.

Sardonyx is the second birthstone for August. Relatively common and affordable, this attractive gem with distinctive reddish zebra-striped pattern was a favorite since ancient times. Unlike most rare gemstones only affordable to rich and noble, sardonyx was available for everyone.

Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. It is associated with bravery and happiness. Giving somebody jewelry with sardonyx is believed to bring the wearer good fortune.

Any jewelry with this gems is certainly a lovely birthday gift. But you can also use them to inspire color themes in gifts. Bright green bouquets, or red striped cakes can echo the germs without being quite as flashy.

Zodiac & Birth Month Flowers


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Passionate and aspiring sign, Leo is known for its strong energy and inner power. Usually quite generous people, Leos love to give and receive showy gifts. They prefer vibrant colors and bright flowers. Birthday bouquets featuring hues of red, orange and yellow reflect the personality of this Zodiac sign like no other. Spectacular sunflowers, gladioli and various exotic plants will make a great Birthday gift for Leos. But don’t stop here. Lavish gourmet hampers featuring yummy delicacies, fruit, sweet treats and spirits will turn your wild lion into a snuggle kitten.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Don’t let a reserved intellectual Virgo trick you. Like any other zodiac sign they love attention, care and gifts. In contrast to vibrant personality of a Leo, Virgos are quite modest in nature and would prefer small thoughtful gifts rather than extravagant surprises. Subtle colors and delicate flowers is what they prefer in bouquets. As they themselves have a tendency towards perfectionism and simplicity, airy hydrangea, stylish orchids or soft tulips are the flowers they will enjoy the most.

But appealing to your recipient’s carefree side might also be a wonderful idea. More playful arrangements that include August birth flower gladioli will make just the right effect you are looking for. Complement the flowers with a box of gourmet chocolate or cake and consider you found the way to the heart of your Virgo.

When it comes to choosing Birthday gifts and flowers for those born in August, your deeper knowledge and understanding of the connection between birth flower, birthstone and zodiac sign will ensure your surprise reflects the personality of the recipient and leaves them 100% satisfied.

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