Most Popular Floral Scents for Men

Floral scents for men, really?

Floral notes are typically associated with femininity, so they aren’t the most popular choices for men’s fragrance. Most guys won’t get too excited about smelling like a rose or violet. Some of them might even get offended if you give them a perfume that says it has floral notes in it. But there are actually plenty of popular floral scents for men. In fact, though not advertised, pretty much all fragrances for him have florals in them. That’s right, every man’s go-to classic has a little hint of tuberose, geranium or other “girly” note and there’s nothing wrong with it. But what are the best ones? Here are our picks for the most popular floral scents for men.


The idea that some fragrances are masculine and some are feminine is a fairly new concept. While we often divide fragrances into men’s and women’s, perfumers are less inclined to assign gender to a scent. The lines between fragrance for him and for her are  blurred. It’s only the intentional play of all the ingredients together that defines how a scent is perceived and interpreted.

Contrary to the popular belief, floral does not always equal sweet and girly. Thanks to male chemistry, all scents – even those thought to be ‘feminine’- will smell muskier on a man. Perfumers use floral notes mainly to add complexity and a unique touch to men’s perfume. As such, they blend traditional flower notes with musk, tobacco, cedar, and citrus to create aromas that are both light and fresh or spicy and woody.

The Long History of Masculine Flower Power

Today it takes a great deal of confidence for a man to wear a fragrance with a floral note. Luckily, this is only a modern Western phenomenon. Middle Eastern men, for example, don’t feel embarrassed using perfume with florals, and we are talking about some of the most masculine guys out there! Sweet rose, vibrant jasmine and delicate violets are known to be the most popular scents for men at the Middle-Eastern perfume market.

In fact, flower notes were historically important in men’s colognes, and men have been wearing floral scents since ancient Egypt. Even the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte placed small bottles of his famed Eau de Cologne featuring orange blossom in his boots. He even used it on his officers’ boots before heading into a battle. The great military leader was nicknamed Corporal Violet because of his devotion to violet flowers.

For the skeptics who think floral fragrances are solely the land of females, here are 3 most popular floral scents for men. They prove a confident guy can rock flowers just as well as women.

Roses with Candles

Sexy Rose

The scent of love and sensuality, rose is one fragrance that is good on both men and women alike. There’s no one true rose scent; it’s so versatile, it leaves a lot of experimentation. Depending on the harmony of the ingredients, roses can smell like an early morning. It can even animalistic and wild. Rose can be light as air or dense like an evening fog. It softens a woodsy composition, makes a fruity fragrance creamier, and becomes a voluptuous undernote in any perfume.

The new unisex, rose smells different on a man and a woman. The secret lies in the male skin chemistry. Not as soft and delicate, men’s skin is often more earthy. As a result rose on a man becomes overtly sensuous and sexy.

Fresh Lavender

The taboo on floral fragrances for him started in the 19th century when men shifted to black suits and were no longer viewed as flirty and seductive. This is when the more restrained approach to men’s perfume took hold. The sensual floral scents for men were replaced with the fresh smell of “cleanliness” and lavender (literally meaning “to wash” in Latin) came into play as the only acceptable floral note in men’s perfumery. Later, it became the heart of all eaux de cologne for men, along with orange blossom, adored since Napoleon.

Violet Flowers

Powdery Violet

Either a pure coincidence, or Napoleon was indeed a trendsetter in the world of men’s perfumery (he was a French after all), but violet (one of the two Napoleon’s favorite flowers) is another floral scent that reigns supreme in fragrances for men. Both peppery and sweet, the powdery scent of violet transforms any composition, adding a certain masculine touch of je ne sais quoi. No wonder violets are among favorites of men who know a thing or two about seducing a woman!

The list of masculine florals does not end here. There’s also vibrant jasmine, grassy geranium, and mysterious tuberose to name just a few. So, as you can see, flowers in men’s perfumery are not something new and groundbreaking, but rather fundamentals that are used to elevate a fragrance and make it more unique and individual. Giving a guy a floral cologne is no longer viewed as an insult but rather as a compliment to his masculinity and open mindedness. Men’s florals are chic, ultra-modern, sexy and you should definitely go for it!

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