Flower Hack: 5 Tricks to Make A Tulip Bouquet Last

There’s nothing like getting a stunning tulip bouquet to brighten up your home! Except for maybe the disappointment you get when the tulips start to wilt after only a few hours. Getting a tulip bouquet to last for days is the dream, one that seems to be a gamble at best. But now, you can end drooping tulips in your home! These 5 nifty tricks will ensure your fresh spring tulips stay glorious as long as possible:

 spring tulip flowers

1. Get The Right Cut.

First, before putting the tulip bouquet in a vase, instead of cutting the stems diagonally like you’d normally do with other flowers, cut them straight. It’s a pretty simple trick, and helps the tulips continue to receive water. It works great, especially when you pair it with these other tips.

2. Feed Your Flowers.

Don’t skip the step of adding plant food in your vase. If your tulip bouquet didn’t come with a packet, or you’re using fresh cut stems from the garden, take the time to make your own.

If you’re in a rush, simply add some sugar in the water. If you have a little more time to spare, here’s a flower preservative that is as effective as commercial ones. It’s pretty simple: for 1 quart of lukewarm water add 1 teaspoon sugar, plus 1 teaspoon household bleach, as well as 2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice. Voila, now instead of wilting within the next few hours your tulip bouquet will last for days!

3. Poke The Stems! Seriously.

Have you ever wondered why tulips droop much faster compared to other flowers? The answer lies in their hollow stem. Once flowers are in the water, air bubbles start rising up the stem, blocking the water from reaching the flower head. As a result, the bud doesn’t receive all the water it needs and starts drooping.

To avoid this, before placing a tulip bouquet in the water, poke a hole in the stem right below the flower head using a toothpick or a needle. The hole is an exit for the air bubble, keeping the hollow stem block free. This trick will also work great with other hollow-stemmed flowers like daffodils, amaryllis, dahlias, and poppies.

Tulip Bouquet

4. Keep Them Cool.

Don’t like that the blooms open too quickly and get petals all over the place? Add some ice to the water in the vase with your tulip bouquet and you’ll notice the difference right away! The cold water makes them bloom slower and stay perkier longer.

5. Pay Them Off!

You can do a lot of things with money, even make flowers last longer. No joke! Experienced florists know that if you pop a coin in a vase with a tulip bouquet it will prevent the stems from drooping.

So, You’re a Tulip Expert! Now what?

  • Get a tulip bouquet, of course! Try out your new-found knowledge. Get one for a friend and share your mastery!
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