5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Childhood On Children’s Day

With Children’s Day around the corner on June 1st, it’s hard to disagree that childhood is the most joyful period in everyone’s life. Everything was just one big adventure full of exciting experiences and lack of grown up responsibilities. But what secret does childhood possess that we lose when we grow up? Is it the ability to find magic in the simplest things? Boundless imagination and reckless curiosity? Or maybe a kind of wisdom and believing, that we, as adults, do not have?

Children Day

With that, it’s time to get away from adulting and bring back the happy memories of the childhood. Celebrate everything that is magical about childhood with these fun activities that will make this Children’s Day the most memorable for you and your little ones!

Fun in the sun

Enjoy fun activities with your kids outside. Don’t be afraid to be silly! Have a water fight with water guns, balloons and buckets to have everyone squealing with laughter. Climb trees (or really anything safe!), find a swing, let yourself go and get dirty! Splashing in puddles, making mud pies and rolling around in the grass will give you the best carefree feeling that you haven’t experienced since you were a kid.

Daydream! It’s one of the key childhood experiences which allows the mind to roam off-leash for a while and get lost in random thoughts – much to our own benefit, though. Such space cadet moments have shown to significantly enhance creative thinking and problem solving abilities. If it’s hard for you to decide what you want to do, just let your little ones be the leaders and they will teach you in no time how to have some real fun!


Plant a special Children’s Day flower

How about planting a flower together in honor of Children’s Day? You could not only enjoy the process together but also have something very special to share for years to come. Playing in the dirt alone is satisfying enough, but experiencing the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time and watching it grow is priceless.

The flowers that engage one or more senses tend to be the most interesting to kids. If a flower has a vibrant color, is fun to touch, smells nice, or has a distinctive taste, the children will be captivated. If you and your little ones are just beginners in gardening start with daisies. Daisies are one of the best choices for children to grow because they are so easy to take care of and have plenty of different varieties in every color of the rainbow. Children love touching and picking flowers, and daisies are perfect to make bouquets for little hands. Another nice thing about them is that they don’t stop growing and will keep producing more and more flowers over time.

Marigolds are another fun flower to grow right from the seed. There are many varieties of marigolds out there and the color options are endless. They are a great option for both containers and garden borders and they are quite simple to grow. Oh, did we mention that their flower petals are edible too? Doesn’t’ get better than that, does it!

Apart from those mentioned there are many other kid friendly options for fun gardening with your little ones including fascinating strawflowers, fragrant sweet peas, edible nasturtium and fairy snapdragons to name just a few.

Bake a Cake

Bake a cake together

Get your child to decide what cake they want to prepare to celebrate all the children of the world and make it together with them. Tiny chefs can help you with anything from mixing and decorating to cutting and putting the cake in the oven if they are old enough for this. If you are not a ‘baker’ don’t sweat too much because it is all about the process of having fun together, not the end product. So, pretty much any recipe that your child enjoys will do for the occasion. In case you’re looking for some recipe ideas check out this awesome and very simple Charlotte apple cake recipe and Russian Cheesecake Zapekanka.

Plan a Backyard Campout Adventure

Craving old-fashioned family fun? Then go ahead and organize a backyard camping adventure with your kids. Low on stress and high on thrills, a backyard campout has all of the joys of camping without the hassle. Best of all it’s within shouting distance of clean bathrooms and a stocked fridge.

Pitch a tent, start a fire, roast marshmallows, and make S’mores.  Everyone is sure to have a real blast. It’s a great opportunity to break from the hustle and bustle of everyday, explore nature, play games, sing songs, and tell ghost stories around the campfire. Camping is a great way to bond as a family and create fun memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Happy Kids

Make a blanket fort

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, making a blanket fort indoors is a wonderful idea that will provide hours of fun for both kids and adults. It is also a great way to engage your children in imaginative play. Besides, nothing brings back the carefree days of your own childhood like this fun activity.

There are many ways to create a blanket fort. The easiest one (perfect for younger kids) is made by draping a large sheet over a kitchen or dining table. You can also use furniture with varying heights to create different spaces within the fort. Another easy fort to create involves bunk beds. Just hang a sheet by tucking it under the top mattress and cover the bed below. And don’t forget about the comfort! Use as many pillows as you can find to create couches, chairs, and beds inside the fort. Christmas lights are another great addition that will allow you and your guests to read stories and play board games in the comfort of your own tiny fort.

Well that was fun. What now?

  • Surprise your little ones with a very special gift this Children’s Day. Choose between hundreds of chocolates, sweet baskets, toys and bouquets.
  • Children love pancakes! Why not trying to prepare them together? Here’s the best recipe How to Make Traditional Russian Pancakes.
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