10 Beautiful Flowers from Tumblr That Will Make Your Day

Tumblr has a lot going for it. Funny memes, the weirdest gifs, and blogs for just about every interest you can think of. Like the rest of the world, those of us at RF like a break from our daily tasks at the computer to stare at something cute (we see you liking those cat pictures) or something beautiful. So in case you’re like us and need to take a step away from e-mails here’s a look ten of our favorite beautiful flowers from Tumblr!

Water Lily

waterlily in pond

This water lily is just begging to be made into a cellphone background or screen saver (with the artist’s permission of course). Just once glance will remind you why water lilies symbolize life and love as it transports you away from your desk, to somewhere magical. As an added bonus, this lily won’t ever wilt!

Flowers in Still Life

Image by Franz Moro

This lovely landscape painting by Franz Moro (1875-1961) captures something your cellphone camera just can’t, the artist’s touch. Each stroke is a miniature testament to Moro’s devotion to his craft, and his love of stunning wild flowers. This may be an image you’ve seen before, but timeless works of art just never fail to calm the mind.



Sunflowers are Mother Nature’s way of saying smile! Or at least, we like to think so. This breath taking photo shows us why sunflowers are symbols of friendship that remind us to nourish ourselves and each other. We hope it’ll do the same for you.

Royal Blue Roses

blue roses

Naturally, roses made their way onto this list. From white roses to the blue roses seen here, this iconic flower has captured its audience for centuries. With modern hybrid and dyeing techniques, you can find roses in every color of the rainbow. These delicate blue petals hint at something more than your usual bouquet of a dozen red roses.

Flowers and Scrapbooking

Flowers on Table

Strictly speaking, this isn’t just flowers, but this image is taking us places we love! Imagine if you will, picking fresh flowers from your garden in the morning and pressing the buds between pages to preserve them. Maybe coming home from a long hike eager to identify the wildflowers you picked. Either way, this composition of white gardenias, hydrangeas, and wildflowers is best with a cup of tea and a fresh bouquet sitting next to you.

Wild Flowers

Blooming Wild Flowers

A brisk mountain view nestled just out of reach of a field of flowers? Sign us up! This is why the gift of flowers is such a heartfelt gesture. To have just a fraction of this beauty all for yourself is a blessing indeed.

Sweet Oleander

Field of flowers

Oleander flower actually blooms off a small shrub and is a welcome addition to any front yard. Though a lot of you are likely stuck in an apartment (like we are) and can’t grow these yourselves. Thank you, Tumblr for sharing your beauties with those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be able to garden (yet).

Prickly Cactus Flowers

cactus with white flower

When you think of cactus, it’s hard to conjure up a welcoming image. But this cactus in full bloom may just change your mind. These vibrant petals are so beautiful, you may just be tempted to risk the thorns and pluck one for yourself. Might we suggest a picture instead?

Zen Garden

zen garden

This hidden gem is the picture of zen. It’s no wonder the photographer felt compelled to snap this image and share it with the world. The building hidden behind the flowers and foliage is surely somewhere warm and inviting, with a rustic charm fitting its grace. We aren’t sure where this is, but if you know please share it with us!

Mountain Flowers

Wild Flowers

The humble mountain flower is actually a mixture of several flowers that thrive in the hills and valleys. They can also thrive in your front yard if you get a healthy mixed seed, and they thrive with less-than-ideal flowering conditions. These robust flowers give you a sense of strength and beauty. The mountain framed perfectly in the background also helps fuel a sense of adventure, a perfect addition to any mid-day Tumblr viewing.

There’s dozens more that didn’t make it to this blog, so go to Tumblr and show the artists some love. Be sure to follow and comment on their posts as well, that’s how art grows!

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