Valentine Flower Ideas: Our Favorite February Floral Collections

As February unfolds, it brings with it a tapestry of celebrations. From the romantic whispers of Valentine’s Day to the empowering echoes of Women’s Day. And, let’s not forget the heartwarming embrace of Mothering Sunday. This year, our February Floral Collections are curated to showcase valentine flower ideas that will ignite the flames of romance, and honor the influential women in our lives. From the deep reds of passionate roses, to the elegant whites of serene orchids. Each arrangement is designed to convey a spectrum of sentiments towards your loved one.

As we delve into the beauty and symbolism of these floral gifts. We invite you to explore how each bouquet can be a messenger of your feelings and can be perfectly suited for the upcoming occasions. If you’re rekindling a romantic spark or celebrating the special woman in your life, our February floral collections are a wonderful choice!

A collection of red and pink blooms are wonderful for valentine flower ideas.

What Flower is Best for Valentine’s Day?

If there is one flower that tells your crush how wild you are about them, it’s the red rose. Oozing deep passion and romance, the red rose is an iconic valentine’s day flower that simply speaks the language of love.

The red rose is a symbol of love and passion, making it the most popular flower for romantic occasions. Historically known as the gift given to the goddess Venus, for her unconditional love and beauty. The red rose becomes a universal emblem of affection, symbolizing a love that reaches beyond this world!

Valentine Flower Ideas: The Best Floral Arrangements

For those looking to express their love this Valentine’s Day with the most exquisite floral arrangements, RussianFlora offers a stunning selection of bouquets and gifts tailored for this romantic occasion. Our curated Valentine flower ideas will ensure that you convey your sentiments in the most beautiful way!

Offering flowers and gifts designed to suit every preference and relationship, RussianFlora is your go-to destination for making a heartfelt statement any day of the week.

Red and white rose bouquet with cash gift for valentine flower ideas.

Roses and Cash Bouquet

Express love’s timeless emotion with a gesture that speaks to the heart. The Heart of Roses bouquet is a meticulously crafted symbol of love. This arrangement is a beautiful way to show your love on Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, or Mothering Sunday

Enhance your gift with the thoughtful addition of a monetary token. Add a selected amount of cash to be presented with the bouquet. Share your heartfelt emotions and make a lasting impression with these valentine flower ideas.

Heart shaped box of red roses for valentine flower ideas.

Red Rose Bouquet

Express your love uniquely and romantically with a gift that truly comes from the heart. This exquisite heart-shaped bouquet offers a stunning way to celebrate your affection. Perfectly suitable for any romantic occasion, it’s arrives in a charming heart-shaped box, adding an extra touch of memorability.

Such valentine flower ideas stand out as a heartfelt gesture, making your next special day unforgettable with the Heart-Shaped Rose Bouquet.

Chocolate and cash for valentine flower ideas.

Chocolates and Cash

Make her heart flutter this Valentine’s Day with the perfect combination of sweetness and personal touch. Present her with a collection of exquisite chocolates, paired with a cash gift that you can customize from $35 to $305. Allowing her the freedom to indulge in her desires.

This thoughtful gesture, “Romance in a Box,” is designed to cater to her tastes and preferences. Ensuring she feels cherished and valued on this day of love or any special moment you choose to celebrate together.

Valentine Flower Ideas:  What Are The Most Requested Valentine’s Day Flowers? 

Roses: The Flower of Love

Ignite a flame of passion and romance with this perfect selection of valentine flower ideas that will enchant your love. The Color of Love Bouquet features an array of Grand Prix or Red Naomi Roses. A timeless gesture of affection that promises to make any romantic occasion unforgettable.

For a spontaneous romantic weekend or an anniversary celebration, this classic red rose bouquet is designed to elevate the mood of love.

Red Rose Bouquet for Valentine flower ideas

Tulips: The Essence of Elegance

Tulips, with their elegant appearance and meaningful symbolism are a popular choice for Valentine’s flower ideas. The Elegant Tulip Bouquet transcends traditional romantic gestures, making it a versatile gift for those we hold dear, including family and friends. 

Its universal appeal as a symbol of love makes it an ideal option for special occasions, ensuring that your gesture continues to resonate long after their gift arrives.

Tulip Bouquets for valentine flower ideas

Orchids: Sophisticated Charm

In the realm of Valentine’s flower ideas, orchids stand out for their sophisticated allure. A proud symbol of love, beauty, and strength, this arrangement of 3 pink orchids paired with eucalyptus will capture your heartfelt sentiments to your loved one.

This Simple Token Of Love, presented at their doorstep, is a testament to the timeless adage that the simplest gestures often hold the deepest meanings.

Sophisticated Orchid bouquet for valentine flower ideas

Valentine Flower Ideas and Gifts for Your Long Distance Lover 

In the realm of love, long-distance relationships are unique and should be handled with tender care. Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts for your long-distance lover can become a tangible representation of your affection and thoughtfulness. Here are a selection of our favorite floral gifts for your loved one. 

Gift basket with sparkling wine, chocolates and more for valentine.

Romantic Gift Basket for Her

Celebrate love across the miles by sending a charming gift that combines the sparkle of Martini Asti Prosecco, the sweetness of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and the warmth of a light brown teddy bear’s embrace. Accompanied by a single long-stemmed red rose and beautifully packaged in a chocolate-themed bag tied with a beige ribbon, this gift is a true testament to your affection.

Deliver this gift basket internationally! Ensuring that no matter the distance, you can share a moment of celebration with your lover.

Gift Certificate for Valentine.

Gift Certificates for Any Occasion

If you’re uncertain of their preferences. Or if you’ve simply lost track of time. Sending a Gift Certificate can be the solution to your problem! Gift them the freedom to explore our entire catalog at leisure.

A gift certificate ensures they can select the present that delights them the most. Our standout offer includes a popular gift certificate valued at $150, available to you for just $135.

Build your own gift basket for Valentine's day.

Build Your Own Gift Basket

Craft a personalized surprise with our unique “Build Your Own Gift Basket” service. Choose from an array of exquisite wines and gourmet items that you know will delight your beloved.

No matter the distance, we always ensure to deliver your gifts with care. This customizable option allows you to tailor your gift precisely to their tastes. Making it an ideal choice for showcasing your thoughtfulness and affection on this special day.

Enhance Any Occasion with our February Floral Favorites and Valentine Flower Ideas

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