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Unusual Flower Delivery to Russia

If you belong to those eccentrics who think that sending bouquets to your beloved ones in Russia in the usual way is trite and hackneyed or you just want to impress the recipient, then the following story may be of interest to you.

While some delivery services camp on the recipients’ doorsteps with the hope that the door will be finally opened, others make desperate attempts to deliver flowers in a quite different way.

Fully equipped for a risky affair, the couriers from RussianFlora delivery service at first bravely penetrate on the roof. After special preparations, they begin house climbing in search of the necessary window. When the window is finally found the deliveryman has to show an outstanding skill and artistry at placing the bouquet right on the window glass or windowsill so that it can be easily noticeable for the dweller. Attracting recipient’s attention to the just delivered flowers may also be a part of their duty, but it all depends on the client’s whim. For couriers from RussianFlora, though, there’re no impracticable orders. They will readily accomplish even the most peculiar deliveries accompanying them with the detailed photo reports and there’s no doubt they have wealth of experience!

If you are ready to loosen your purse strings for the flowers for your loved one in Russia, call the deliverymen from RussianFlora and be sure that they will be there in such a manner your girl would never forget!

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