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Latvia’s National Flower: Daisy

Did you know that Latvia is the home of over 1600 species of flowers and plants? A majority of the land is covered in forests, meadows, and bogs, and with so many flowers to choose from, you might wonder how the Daisy came to be Latvia’s National Flower. I know I certainly was curious, and so I set my sights on learning everything I could about both Latvia and the Daisy they cherish. I’m so excited to share with you all what I learned and how much I want to visit this beautiful country! 

Mother and Daughter With Daisy, Latvia’s National Flower
Mother and Daughter With Daisy

Learning About Latvia and its National Flower

Unfortunately for me, I’ve never left the United States, so the first thing on my agenda was to find out where exactly Latvia is. Located in Eastern Europe, Latvia borders the Baltic Sea and sits between Estonia and Lithuania. It is one of the three ‘Baltic States’, along with both Estonia and Lithuania. Latvia also has one of the fastest growing economies there is! The Latvian culture is steeped in traditional folklore and the love the Latvian people have for their land.

Once I delved deep into the culture, I started researching the best flowers to send to Latvia, native plants, and Latvia’s national flower. I discovered there was so much more about the beautiful white flower than their scent and joyful appearance. The Daisy (or the Pipene), earlier known as Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, became the official flower in the 1940’s. It was a tribute to the Princess of Denmark, (now Queen Margrethe II). Over time, it has developed into a symbol of patriotism for the Latvian people.

Diving Into the Daisy’s Roots

Not only does the Daisy symbolize the roots of the Latvian country, it also provides many uses for the people in their country. Growing up to three feet tall, people often use the daisy to decorate for weddings and receptions. Women and children also use the flower to make headpieces and jewelry to wear. Many people add daisy leaves in salads and steep them in teas to help with throat infections. Although there is no scientific proof, traditions in Latvia include placing daisy leaves on open cuts as a blood purifier. But watch out, people who are allergic to ragweed might find themselves reacting poorly to this daisy treatment as well. 

Cup of tea with herbs and daisy
Cup of tea with herbs and daisy

During my research of this beautiful flower, I discovered that even if I can’t visit Latvia myself, maybe I could bring a little bit of Latvia to my own home! I am addicted to candles, and what better way to showcase the Daisy then with a beautiful Pressed Daisy Candle Holder! Grab the kids and your school glue and follow along to bring a little bit of Latvia to your home! 

DIY Daisy Candle Holder

What you will need:

  • Clear glass candle holder – preferably larger than votive size
  • White tissue paper, crumpled
  • Craft scissors
  • Thin white glue – Elmer’s school glue (thinned with a little bit of water works well)
  • Two small paint brushes
  • Pressed daisies (Place your daisies in the center of a large book with paper on either side and close until the flower is dried out. This typically takes about two weeks.)
  • Clear craft sealer (Mod Podge is my go-to!)
  • Ribbon, Rhinestones, or any other decorative final touches.




  1. Paint your thinned glue onto the glass candle holder. You can go as high up as you’d like. I have a few that go all the way up and a few with just the bottom or top done! 
  2. Place a few sheets of crumpled tissue paper (laid flat) over your glued areas, making sure to trim off anything excess with your craft scissors. 
  3. Apply a small amount of glue onto the back of your pressed daisy and arrange them over the crumpled tissue. (You’ll need to hold the center of the flower down for a few moments to make sure it sticks)
  4. Taking your second brush, cover your flowers with more crumpled tissue paper (Laid flat) and liberally apply a coat of sealant over the entire area. 
  5. Apply Ribbon to the top lip of your holder, or rhinestones in between your flowers. (This is your chance to get creative and have fun!)
  6. Let dry for at least a few hours. If you find you can still see the crumpled tissue paper , apply another coat of sealant. 
  7. Pop in your favorite candle and enjoy!  


I’ve done this craft with about ten different flowers, but I have to be honest, the Daisy is one of my absolute favorites.I can see why the Latvian people cherish it as they do!  


Even though Latvia is home to so many species of flowers, there is a reason they chose the Daisy as their national flower. It’s beauty, uses, and traditions make it the perfect flower for decorating, eating and gift giving. It’s versatility makes it an incredibly useful flower and I can tell you, personally, it is now among my flower favorites. 


If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful daisies bouquet to give to your special one, look no further than Latvia’s own national flower, the Daisy. Her eyes will light up when she sees this beautiful bouquet.


Now you know why the Daisy shines in Latvia, what next?

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