National Earth 2023: Eco-friendly ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day and we are celebrating by appreciating our planet’s natural gift to us – flowers! Flowers are a symbol of life and renewal which make them a powerful reminder of our connection to nature. While enjoying the beauty of a flower, we can celebrate Earth day and remember the responsibility we each have to protect our planet.

Celebrating Earth Day is about remembering that every small act can make a big difference for our future. In honor of the earth, we invite you to make your own meaningful changes for the planet. Scroll below to discover eco-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day!

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Why do we Celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day was first proposed in 1970 by U.S Senator Gaylord Nelson. The event was created in order to educate the public on environmental issues and foster change amongst the nation. Since then, Earth Day has grown into a powerful movement with millions of people participating in activities around the world. 

Many of us are aware that we each have a great responsibility to protect the health of our planet. That is why raising awareness around environmental issues such as deforestation, and water pollution is essential for the well-being of our future generations.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 

The celebration of Earth Day is about the responsibility we each have to work towards a more sustainable future. By celebrating Earth Day within the home or community, we can inspire change and make a positive impact.

As the activist, Greta Thunberg said, “you are never too small to make a big difference“. And, there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day and show your support for the environment. Here are a few suggestions: 

Young man planting the tree in the garden on earth day

Celebrate Earth Day by Planting a Tree 

Get the entire family involved by starting a garden or planting a tree in your backyard. This is a simple way to improve your surrounding air quality as well as create a habitat for pollinators.

Reduce and Recycle 

Reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights and electronics when not in use. Make the effort to start using energy-efficient light bulbs, along with reducing water usage. 

Organize a local clean up on Earth Day

Getting a group together to clean-up in your local park is a wonderful way to connect with your community while doing something great for the environment. 

Use eco-friendly products 

Reusable shopping bags, cloth napkins, and stainless steel water bottles are small ways that you can make a difference. And, don’t forget that shopping locally along with using non-toxic products will earn you extra brownie points!

Host an Earth Day Event 

Hosting an Earth Day event in your community is an awesome way spread information on the importance of the environmental movement.

Remember small actions can make a big difference in protecting our planet. 

Flowers for celebrating Earth Day 

Connecting with mother nature on earth day is a simple way to feel inspired to make decisions that are environmentally-friendly. Celebrating with flowers has always been an integral part of human celebrations and cultural traditions. That’s why we have a few suggestions on how to incorporate flowers into your Earth Day celebrations. 

Celebrate Earth Day: small girl sitting in a field of flowers

Plant Native Flowers 

One popular way is to plant native wildflowers in your garden or community. Native wildflowers are adapted to the local climate, which make them a sustainable option for beautifying your surroundings. 

Floral Arrangements and Bouquets 

Another way to celebrate the holiday is by incorporating flower arrangements and bouquets into your day. Choose locally grown flowers which support local businesses and reduce your carbon footprint. We suggest that you spread some joy and send a plant to your loved one in celebration of Earth Day.

Host an Event with Flowers

Host a flower-planting party or organize a flower crown-making workshop in your community. These activities can bring people together and create a sense of shared purpose in protecting the environment. 

Overall, incorporating flowers into Earth Day celebrations can be a meaningful and impactful way to honor the planet and promote sustainability. Whether you’re planting wildflowers, creating natural dyes, or simply enjoying the beauty of a bouquet, flowers can serve as a reminder of our connection to nature and our responsibilities to care for the Earth.

Now that you’ve learned about celebrating Earth Day, what’s next? 

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