Don’t Shoot Cupid – Valentine’s Day Cliches You Should Pay Attention To

It’s here again, Valentine’s Day. A day that people have so many mixed feelings about it’s a wonder it’s still known the world over as the most romantic day of the year. So, what is it about February 14th? Here’s a secret from me to you, I don’t get it either. I don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day mind you, but I don’t see why one day should get to have all the romance and fun. Aren’t you supposed to love the person you’re with year-round?

That’s a trick question, the answer is yes. Don’t think on that too hard.

So, if love is year-round, why shove all your dreams into one day, one day that isn’t even super unique to you and your love by the way. Unless you got engaged or something on Valentine’s in which case congrats. Your anniversary is that much more impossible to forget.

Now, this isn’t to say to not celebrate Valentine’s Day (we do sell flowers after all, I’d get fired for saying don’t celebrate). But I think, maybe, just maybe, you should make Valentine’s Day work for you. Even if you hate it. Or if you’ve never celebrated it before. And even if yes, this year, you’re single, and you wish Cupid would just shove it! Rather than shoot the messenger lets take a look at some of the Valentine’s Day Clichés that have helped this holiday last so long and figure out how they could make any day, even a random Monday, a little more filled with love and joy.

Date Night

All women love chocolate.

Okay, allergies and diet preference aside, most women love chocolate. We really can’t argue that. What we will argue is this notion that men are getting none of the love her. Men love chocolate too! So this Valentine’s Day lets all agree to stop expecting the men to be the only one sending gifts. Surprise your guy with a box of his favorite chocolates.

Now, we will say it is truly the thought that counts with chocolate. Just because it’s fancy chocolate, doesn’t mean it is their FAVORITE chocolate. When buying a sweet treat for your loved one its best to go with something you know they like. If you want them to try something new it’s best to mix it in with something they like as well. That way they’ll remember the experiment fondly, even if you do something weird like give them chocolate with mint. (Hint: I hate chocolate with mint. I have no idea how this got popular!)

All women love flowers.

Okay you caught us, we sell flowers, I’m talking about flowers, this was unavoidable. Point taken. But really, flowers, roses especially, are as tied to Valentine’s Day as chocolate, the color red, and a scary amount of heart emojis.

Now yes, baring allergies, most women love flowers. But I said it with chocolate, and I’ll say it again, men like flowers too. If you’re going to buy a bouquet for Valentine’s Day order early. I can’t stress this enough, order like 2 weeks ahead. This will give your florist time to make sure they have enough flowers or can special order something.

Also, don’t be bullied into roses. They’re an amazing flower, but truth be told they get just a little pricier around Valentine’s and they may not be your partners favorite. The important thing about flowers is not getting the most expensive bouquet (though the expensive ones tend to be fuller and more vibrant) but to get something they’ll love. Try aiming for a bouquet in a color scheme they like.

Lilies, daisies, and orchids, are flowers that are just a lovely and frankly speaking just a romantic. Sticking to reds, pinks, purples, and whites will have your bouquet camera ready for even the most romantic moments. But if your girlfriend loves neon yellow, then you should absolutely be buying that!

Also keep in mind that if she is allergic to flowers you can always get a fake flower, made of wood, or paper. Or even try for non-flowering succulents which come in adorable planters and give her a long lasting touch of nature free of watery eyes.

If you buy her jewelry, she’ll understand how much she means to you.

Boy that’s a lot to unpack. But basically, the notion goes that on Valentine’s if you buy your partner jewelry (not an engagement ring) then you’ve won her heart. The camera will zoom in and focus on her face lighting up with just the right amount of tears welling up in her eyes as she confesses how THIS is the moment she’s finally realized you’re the one.

That might be dramatic, but its what advertising and Hollywood would have you believe. In reality buying your partner jewelry on Valentine’s Day, while great, isn’t going to be this epic. Unless it’s a piece you know she’s been wanting for forever, or it has other sentimental meaning. Something like it actually being an engagement ring for instance.

The truth is that whatever gift you get them on Valentine’s Day, so long as you put thought and effort into it, is something that they’ll love. If Valentine’s Day is a huge deal to you two the gift should probably be larger than usual. But if it’s not, stick with something simple, and save the big stuff for your anniversary or whatever day you two have decided is special in your relationship.

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Huge romantic gestures are sure to win their heart.

Okay look, I don’t care how much you eyeroll at romance movies,  a huge and personal romantic gesture is going to make your heart get a little mushy. But keep in mind “huge” and “romantic” are personal.

If your partner hates crowds for instance, probably best not to have a flash dance mob help you confess your love.

In that same vein, if they aren’t a nerd, then having a custom comic of your favorite characters falling in love with a personalized note at the end for the two of you, probably also a bad idea.

Both of these are huge romantic gestures but know your audience. If you’re going to go all out for Valentine’s Day make sure your partner actually enjoys celebrating Valentine’s. If not, skip it! Pick a day to make it just yours.

It’s not a romantic restaurant unless there’s a violin somewhere.

We’ve all seen it, the picture perfect table with candles, and a single too full to be real rose set in the center.  The young couple in loves sits down eyes wide, only for the waiter to quietly direct a violin player to their table, a romantic tune being expertly plucked from the strings.

Okay you caught me, I would melt over this. But I’m a foodie, and I happen to like a good live string performance. But this is not UNIVERSALLY romantic. It’s also just not that practical. This kind of restaurant tends to be expensive. And booking a fancy place on Valentine’s has to be done a year out in some busy cities.

If you know this is your partners thing and you can’t make it happen on Valentine’s, do try to make it happen some other time. Not only will  you get to be spared the Valentine’s crowd but you’ll actually get MORE points for making it happen sometime they weren’t expecting.

February 14th is the most romantic day of the year.

Statistically yes, sure, okay, fine. You win Valentine’s Day, you win. But February 14th  is not the only romantic day of the year, and it’s only romantic if you and your partner are buying into it. Plenty of Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, and couples retreats work to be romantic year-round. You just probably hear less about it because there hasn’t been a worldwide agreement to hype up all things love.

Despite the competition it’s easier for romantic places to get noticed around this holiday. But if you take notes of what you liked you’ll probably be able to find equivalents, for cheaper, any other time of the year. If you partner doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, this is a chance to create a day just for the two of you.

The more you spend, the more you love someone.

Okay, look. Love can’t be bought. However, if you spend a little more money, or time, on something than you usually would just because you want to impress someone, they’re going to notice. A little extra effort goes a long way to showing someone you mean it when you say “I love you.”. It goes double if you do it more often than just Valentine’s Day.

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If you send them a Valentine, they just might agree to be yours.

This is true. Let’s face it, it’s just a little bit easier to confess to a lifelong friend that you love them on Valentine’s Day with the help of adorable candies and the perfect card!  If you love someone, or you have interest in them, sending them a sweet card and chocolates is a great way to confess on. On February 14th, and 15th, and heck even in June!

What I’m getting at, is that Valentine’s Day is AMAZING! It’s all about romance, mystery, and chocolate (and discount chocolate the next day) and will truly make your heart swell. If you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re not then pick and choose the parts that interest you most and make them your own during some other less hectic time of the year. The important thing is to show your partner how much they mean to you every day, and some days just a little bit extra!

You’ve read over Valentine’s Day Cliches, now what?

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