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Women’s Day Flowers & Gifts to Russia for March 8!

Women’s Day is the first spring holiday in Russia annually observed on March, 8. On this day men express their love and respect to the women of all ages, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, teachers, classmates, business associates, presenting them with lovely and delicious Women’s Day gifts and Women’s Day flowers to Russia.

In our holiday catalog, you’ll find the best Women’s Day gift ideas that will make any Russian women regardless of the age feel loved and appreciated!

March 8 Flowers

Flowers are the symbol of Women’s Day and a great way to tell our beloved women how much they mean to us. Any spring flowers from tulips to lilies of the valley will make a great gift along with year round classics, roses or lilies. If you want something more impressive elegant or extravagant flower baskets for Women’s Day are a great choice!

March 8 Gifts

A perfect addition to a lovely bouquet is something sweet. Good chocolate or tantalizing cake will be enjoyed by both children and adults. For health conscious recipients there’s a big selection of fruit baskets. Romantics are sure to enjoy cuddly teddy bears, or a love message in a bottle. To make the holiday even more festive and memorable add to your gift a bottle of sparkling wine.

Regardless of your budget and the gift for Women’s Day to Russia you’ve chosen to send to the important women in your life, it’s your love and care which are appreciated the most!

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International Women’s Day Gifts to Russia & CIS

It’s no secret that one of the most beautiful women in the world    live in Eastern Europe. Once a year all Eastern Europe including Russia, Ukraine and CIS commemorate all women on one of the brightest spring holidays of the season International Women’s Day, observed on March, 8. The holiday used to have a political context but lost it many years ago and now it is  also referred to as a Holiday of Spring, the day when men express their love and respect to the women of all ages, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, teachers, business associates, presenting them with special Women’s Day gifts to Russia and flowers. Flowers are the integral part of the holiday. The most popular flowers for Women’s Day to Russia and Ukraine are tulips, roses and other spring flowers.

In our gifts to Russia catalog you can find plenty of flower bouquets and flower gift sets for International Women’s Day for your special lady in Russia, Ukraine and CIS:

  • Red Tulips Selection: The most traditional flower arrangement for Women’s Day should definitely include tulips the symbol of the holiday. Tulips will bring your dear recipient the freshness of spring and will make them feel beloved and happy.
  • Teddy With Chocolate Gifts: Looking for a cute gift idea for your wife, girlfriend, or date? This adorable teddy bear will sure make her smile and think of you every time she looks at it! It holds a colorful spring bouquet and chocolates to make her day even brighter and sweeter.
  • Women’s Day Tray: Your mother, grandmother, sister, mother-in-law or cousin will appreciate this tasty and beautifully arranged tray that features a variety of fruit and chocolates – something sweet and something healthy, all in one.
  • Lovely Lilies and Chocolate Sweetness: The perfect combination of flowers and chocolates for your female colleagues and business partners, it will decorate their office and help make your business relationship special without crossing the line.

For more Women’s Day gift ideas check out our Women’s Day Catalog!

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Send Flowers to Russia on Women’s Day with an Expanded Selection of Gifts from RussianFlora.com

Russia’s own world-renowned gift-giving experts RussianFlora.com announces its newest catalog overflowing with gorgeous flowers, delectable gourmet treats, and memorable gifts sure to melt her heart on Women’s Day.

Release News – March 1, 2010RussianFlora.com, the experts in flower and gift delivery throughout the Former Soviet Union, today announced the launch of an expanded online catalog full of stunning flower arrangements, decadent chocolates, delicious wines, and unforgettable gift baskets just in time to commemorate Women’s Day, the time-honored Russian holiday.

Celebrated on the 8th of March, Women’s Day stands out as one of the most romantic, effusive, and love-filled holidays of the year. Similar to a combination of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day, Women’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate the wisdom, beauty, patience, and unconditional love of the special women in your life – mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, and even colleagues – by showering them with attention, admiration, praise, and – of course – presents. This year, RussianFlora.com is making it easy for spouses, sons, fathers, friends, and business owners to follow tradition and bestow heartwarming gift baskets for Women’s Day upon their special ladies.

Women’s Day celebrations date back to the ancient Romans who honored women with a similar holiday. Once each year matrons (free-born married women) received presents from their husbands and enjoyed their love and attention. Female slaves were given gifts as well and were allowed to have a day off. The women would dress in their best attire, adorn their hair with fragrant flowers, and visit the temple of the goddess Vesta, the beautiful – and wise – guardian of the hearth and home.

“The Roman Empire has fallen and many years have passed, but the fire of Vesta’s hearth still burns in Russia where the tradition of honoring women on the March 8th is still very much alive,” says Dimitriy Pereg, Chief Flower Officer at RussianFlora.com. “In Russia, there’s no better way to shower your precious lady with love, thank her for everything she does, and orchestrate an enchanted evening than to present her with gorgeous flowers and gifts from RussianFlora.com for Women’s day.”

At RussianFlora.com customers can opt to follow tradition by sending red tulips that represent the renewal of spring, the strength of friendship, and the power of love. Another common choice for Women’s Day is the bright yellow mimosa which stands for vitality, joy, wisdom, and warmth. But don’t let tradition tie you down this Women’s Day; any spring flowers that will catch her eye will do for a Women’s Day Bouquet to Russia, and at RussianFlora.com you can combine flowers and build the perfect bouquet or romantic basket.

Don’t forget that flowers only complement your Women’s Day gift to Russia. Along with plenty of positive compliments it is customary to give delicious chocolates, adorable plush toys, and striking gift baskets with women’s favorite items such as sweets, perfumes, cosmetics, and gourmet treats. Men: No matter what you want to send your beloved this Women’s Day, RussianFlora.com has the perfect gift for March 8th. You’ll find a huge variety of holiday gift baskets for family members and business associates that are sure to warm any heart and titillate any tastes. Some men struggle with finding the perfect gift for a woman, but they don’t have to worry when they order a fabulous gift basket from RussianFlora.com because hardly any woman can resist a gift of succulent fruits, high-quality gourmet treats, mouthwatering chocolates, delicious wine, and lovely flowers.

Women’s Day Gift Baskets from RussianFlora.com are specially designed to show your passion, gratitude, friendship, and love with elegance, beauty, and unmatched quality not only this Women’s Day, but also on any romantic occasion. You can order Women’s Day flowers and Women’s Day gifts to make this Women’s Day the best she’s ever had.

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RussianFlora.com is a BBB accredited company based in the Former Soviet Union that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts to Russia and all over the world. By maintaining professional relationships with established, local florists and gift delivery companies in each region, RussianFlora.com has become renowned for its incredible selection of fresh, beautiful flowers and stunning romantic gifts as well as its ability to guarantee delivery in Russia within 48 hours, and its dedication to providing high-quality customer service. Learn more about the company at www.RussianFlora.com.

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