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send bouquet to Nikolaev Ukraine

Holiday Bouquet to Nikolaev, Ukraine

I wish to commend Eugenia Ivy (customer rep) for helping ensure a timely delivery of flowers from me to a woman in Nikolaev Ukraine for Easter 2010. In addition, I wish to thank RussianFlora for the complimentary Russian Lesson. Olya, (the Russian language instructor), was very gracious with her time and was very diligent in ensuring that I received my lesson, and went to great lengths to accommodate me and work with my time schedule – even working into the late hours in her time zone. She is to be highly commended for her excellent tutelage, and her very pleasant, informative, thorough, considerate and patient approach to her student’s understanding of her introductory Russian language lesson and materials. I feel like I have made a very nice friend in Russia now and she is a great asset to RussianFlora and I hope the company appreciates her as she provides an excellent service. Thank you for such great service and for all the accommodations and consideration of my requests for assistance, and for the pleasure of such a nice experience with this Russian language lesson provided by Olya.

Rumaldo Ortiz
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