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Gift Set to Lviv, Ukraine

There’s a way to make any woman happy that will work no matter what in any situation. Sending her a romantic surprise without any particular reason has proven to be the best way to win a heart of your special lady. A classic romantic trio of a cute teddy bear, her favorite Italian Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a bouquet of passionate red roses are sure to melt her heart. Surprise her in the office, at home or at a party and you can be sure she’ll remember this simple but heartfelt gesture for years to come. Don’t wait for a special occasion to express how much they mean to you. Reveal your heart now with a gift to Ukraine they are going to love!

Chocolate & Flower Basket to Lviv, Ukraine

When elegance meets class there’s a Superstar rose basket to Ukraine that was created by our florists for very special occasions. A cute wicker hamper filled with fresh miniature red roses, greenery and holiday decorations will become the centerpiece of any celebration. Perfect for birthdays, housewarming, Thanksgiving and Christmas it will last for days reminding your dear recipients of your kindness and generosity. To add a more romantic touch to your surprise, compliment it with an adorable plush teddy bear and a box of oh so delicious chocolate candies. To melt their heart even more we’ll include a card with a lovely message that will make them feel extra special.

Gift Set to Lviv, Ukraine

When your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife need some extra attention, love and support there’s nothing like a romantic surprise that will make any woman feel special. There are three necessary components of a perfect gift to Ukraine for your sweetheart. It all starts with a bouquet of passionate roses, delightful gourmet chocolates or delicious creamy cake, and of course an adorable plush toy to make her a company when you’re not around. In addition feel free to add a bottle of bubbly or good wine so that she can raise a toast to your love, spa basket full of her favorite products to enjoy in the comfort of her home, beautiful jewelry or a gift certificate. Be generous and loving and your dear ones will appreciate the gentlemen in you!

Bouquet of Flowers to Lviv, Ukraine

When your special someone needs some extra care, love and attention send them a colorful bouquet that will brighten up their day even when it’s dull and rainy outside. Bright yellow, pastel pink and sunny orange blooms are put together by our flower experts to bring joy and happiness in everyone’s home or office. Say Congratulations, Get Well, Cheer Up, I Miss You, or simply make your beloved recipients smile with a bouquet to Ukraine that was created to please.

Chocolate & Roses to Lviv, Ukraine

There is a way to be a true gentleman when you tell your special someone about your tender feelings. Elegant and romantic gift set to Ukraine in red is meant to reveal your heart and bring happiness in her life. Gorgeous long-stemmed roses will last for days demonstrating your passionate love. A box of delicious Rafaello chocolates will tantalize the taste buds and make her remember of all heavenly time you spent together. Stylish perfume will be used as a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness. And a lovely card will imprint your romantic message forever.

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