Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Russian Women

As Mother’s Day nears, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to honor one of the most important women in your life and of course those who live in Russia. Mother’s Day in Russia is quite similar to the Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March, though not so popular. Strange enough, but Russian women celebrate Mother’s Day not on the 2nd Sunday of May, like most Europeans and Americans. Let this fact not confuse you, as western customs are constantly penetrating to Russia and begin coexisting with traditional ones. Besides, just imagine your Russian woman’s delight and gratitude when she receives a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! Every  woman (because she’s either mother or mother to be) just wants to be acknowledged and thanked for their dedication and hard work, so your Russian woman will be really flattered by the fact that you treat her like a western woman and use every possibility to show your affection.

When Mother’s Day is approaching, husbands, boyfriends, dads, grandparents and kids everywhere start searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for a woman. As your Russian women live mostly far away, the first good decision you can take is to use the service of a gift delivery company and send your beloved one a Mother’s Day gift. Her surprise will be really great and especially if the gift is sent to her work, where the fantastic present will make all the colleagues envy, and your beloved one incredibly proud.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that Russian women really love flowers, but they believe that flowers should not be given as a separate gift, but as a worthy addition to the main gift. So, if you’ve decided to send a luxurious flower basket to your Russian queen you’d better add some other treats. Chocolates, wine, champagne, cute teddy bear and other romantic gifts will surely suit the taste of your Russian woman. If you don’t mind loosening your purse strings and are going to make her a really unforgettable holiday, we suggest sending a luxurious gift basket with any ingredients to her taste, beginning with gourmet treats and ending with bath or SPA accessories. Now there exist plenty of opportunities to be creative with presents and even a possibility to make a custom gift and flower basket and include whatever items you wish to make your gift unique.

Remember that Russian women really appreciate thoughtful, attentive, loving, generous and inventive men. Show you care and affection, don’t forget to surprise and rejoice her and she’ll be yours forever!

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