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Russian Flora offers multilingual support for French, Spanish, Italian

CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 03, 2008—Beginning in the fall of 2008, Russian Flora began offering translated versions of its main website in the following languages: French, Spanish and Italian. This is in addition to its original website languages of English and Russian. The decision to expand the website to multiple languages came from an increased client base in France, Canada, Italy, Spain and Latin American countries.

Russian Flora plans to add a German translation of the website as well as French-speaking & German-speaking customer support representatives as a reaction to the company’s increased number of customers from the European Union. Founder and CEO of Russian Flora David Skol plans to release the German version in the next few weeks. Future plans include adding Turkish and Japanese website translations and customer support in addition to the recent upgrades.

These fully translated versions of the website include detailed descriptions of all gifts and flower arrangements found in the main catalog along with special offers and ordering procedures.

When ordering gifts—especially for recipients in other countries—the customer often has questions, wants a specialty order, or is curious about local customs, which is why Russian Flora believes it is essential to hire multilingual customer support personnel to help clients make more educated choices in sending flowers to Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

About Russian Flora:

Russian Flora specializes in high-quality, affordable gift and flower deliveries throughout Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The company works directly with established, local delivery services to offer deliveries within 24-48 hours of submitted orders.  After the founder and owner David Skol experienced firsthand that many of the existing delivery services to Russia provided either low-quality or over-priced flowers and gifts, he decided to provide a U.S.-based service that would provide the type of service he believed was lacking. Learn more at www.RussianFlora.com.

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Director of Marketing
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