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Russian Flora Offers Digital Photography Services with Gift and Flower Deliveries

CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 5, 2008—When an individual sends a gift or a flower arrangement, the sender is often left with questions—especially with international deliveries: Did my gift arrive? Was my recipient happy with the gift? Does it look like the online catalog picture? Were fresh, high-quality products used? Was it delivered to the correct recipient?

Russian Flora identified this problem and developed an innovative solution: gift givers can now receive a digital photograph via email of their loved one receiving their flower delivery. This service not only provides an answer to all the above questions, it also provides a concrete, emotional keepsake of the special delivery.

The company’s main client base is made up of Russians living in the U.S. as well as Americans, Western Europeans and other foreign individuals who purchase gift baskets and flowers for loved ones in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which includes Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan. Because of the immense distance between the giver and the recipient, a digital picture can be an important factor in bridging the distance between the two. “When sending flowers to Russia, our clients find that receiving a photograph of the recipient really captures a special moment and creates a lasting, emotional memento,” says David Skol, Founder and CEO of Russian Flora.

When ordering online, some customers find themselves wondering if the gift from the Russian florist will actually look like the picture in the catalog. Without a photograph of the final product, that is difficult to determine—even with a description over the phone. A digital picture can confirm proper flower delivery to Russia. Plus, the gift giver can see the recipient’s initial reaction. This is so important with different time zones making thank-you phone calls difficult.

A large percentage of Russian Flora’s client base is made up of 27-55 year-old males who are romantically involved with a woman living in the CIS. Because many of these individuals initially meet via the Internet, the company’s digital picture service also serves as a covert identity screening. The sender can verify that his romantic interest matches her description.

“A surprisingly large number of identity scams occur via the Internet between American men and Russian dating scam artists. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this. A digital picture can serve as a screening device early in the relationship. If the recipient is not who she says she is, the gentleman can get out of the relationship before any harm is done—and if she is legitimately who she says, then she will be thrilled to receive a gift delivery,” says Skol.
Since the introduction of Russian Flora’s digital picture service, the company has seen an overwhelming positive response, with approximately 72% of gift givers electing to use the service. To purchase this service, customers select flowers or a gift on RussianFlora.com and add the digital picture option for $9.99. Service is currently offered in most serviced cities.

Because some recipients decline the request for their picture to be taken, the gift sender is not charged for the picture at the time of placing the order, rather the billing occurs within 24 hours after order delivery.

RussianFlora.com is soon planning to launch another unique service: digital video of delivery in most serviced cities.

About Russian Flora:
Russian Flora specializes in high-quality, affordable gift and flower deliveries to Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The company works directly with established, local Russian florsts to offer deliveries within 24-48 hours of submitted orders.  After the founder and owner David Skol experienced firsthand that many of the existing delivery services to Russia provided either low-quality or over-priced flowers and gifts, he decided to provide a U.S.-based service that would provide the type of service he believed was lacking. Learn more at www.RussianFlora.com.

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