Back-to-School Gifts to Russia

First day of school

Summer holidays are almost over and a new school season comes knocking at our door. Even though in different countries kids go back to school not at the same time, in Russia and CIS everyone goes back to studies on September, 1. Known as the Day of Knowledge, the 1st of September is an important holiday celebrated in schools and colleges all over Russia. The day is special for everyone: school newcomers and college students, parents and teachers.

Traditionally, September, 1 in Russia is celebrated with flowers, chocolate and small gifts. We’d like to share some gift ideas for those who want to congratulate their dear ones, relatives or friends in Russia and CIS and celebrate the beginning of a new school year with taste.

Gifts for Students

It’s always exciting to start a new year at school or college. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones and learning new things are ahead of every student at the beginning of each year. The 1st of September is the red day in the Russian calendar and it’s traditionally celebrated with flowers, lots of flowers. Bright and cheerful bouquets with Gerberas, Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums and other seasonal flowers are quite popular with students of all ages. A perfect addition to a bouquet (especially for younger recipients) is a bunch of colorful balloons. They are great at making the day even more exciting. Another important back to school gift for students is a festive cake. Choose a chocolate, cream, jelly, fruit, or any other cake from the catalog – they are all delicious and perfect for the celebration.

Gifts for Parents

The 1st of September is both exciting and stressful time for all parents in Russia. It signifies the end of relaxing summer holidays and the beginning of one more year of hard work. Make the back to school less stressful and more fun for all those parents who have already started preparing their kids for school. There’s nothing to help unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle than a bottle of champagne or wine. A selection of fruit or gourmet treats is a perfect addition to a glass of sparkling wine. Beautiful summer flowers are another great option especially for women in the family. Make sure to include a little something for everyone on your list so that all recipients can enjoy the special occasion.

Gifts for Teachers

Back to school is special not only for students but also for their teachers. Traditionally, on the 1st of September Russian students of all ages give their teachers festive bouquets. Roses, Lilies, or Chrysanthemums are usually given to female and Gladiolus or Carnations to male teachers. Flowers are often given paired with a box of chocolate. If your special someone or friend is a teacher and celebrating The Day of Knowledge in Russia it’s also recommended to give them a festive gift basket. A keepsake hamper filled with gourmet treats, healthy fruit and fresh flowers is a great choice for all teachers.

Help your Russian friends or relatives celebrate the beginning of a new school year! Send them a back to school gift they will love!