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How to Celebrate New Year in Russia

There’s no grander holiday in Russia than New Year’s! Beloved by both children and adults of all ages this holiday is observed throughout the country with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. Even though the observance of New Year’s Day in Russia is somewhat similar to the celebration of Christmas in Western cultures it has its own unique customs and traditions.

Christmas Tree

A typical Russian family will decorate their house and set up a beautiful Christmas tree (“Novogodnaya Yolka”) not for Christmas like in so many other countries, but for the New Year’s celebration. A Christmas tree is usually decorated around December, 28 and will last at least until January, 13 (Old-New Year in the Russian calendar). Just like anywhere else it’s under the Christmas tree where children find their New Year’s gifts brought by Father Frost (“Ded Moroz”) and his granddaughter “Snegurochka”.

Russian herring salad

New Year’s Dinner

New Year in Russia is a family holiday. But if you get invited into a Russian home, you’re in for an amazing night! At around 10-11pm on New Year’s Eve, the whole family gathers together at a big table to give a farewell to the old year and welcome the coming one. The New Year’s festive table is overflowing with numerous delicious dishes and delicacies traditionally served during the holidays. It is a symbol of happiness and abundance for the upcoming year. Olivier salad (meat salad), caviar, Holodets (jelled minced meat), Pelmeni (meat dumplings), Herring salad, Vinaigrette (beets salad), and of course famous Soviet Champagne (“Sovetskoye Shampanskoye”) are the essential part of New Year’s celebration in Russia.

New Year

Kremlin Chimes

Before the stroke of midnight, Russian families turn their TVs on to listen to the President who addresses the nation with a short speech in which he reflects on the past year and thanks everyone for their support. Right after the speech, the Kremlin chimes start counting down the last ten seconds of the year. When the midnight bell rings twelve people break open the champagne bottles, raise toasts, and wish each other ‘Happy New Year!’ (“S novym Godom”). People believe that every wish that is made while chimes are striking will come true.


New Year’s Gifts & Fireworks

Right after midnight children and grown-ups rush outside to enjoy colorful fireworks, a big part of New Year’s Day in Russian. Beautiful fireworks are followed by exchanging of New Year Gifts. If children are already asleep they will find their sweet gifts and wrapped presents the next morning under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus vs. Father Frost and Snow Maiden

Instead of Santa, Russian children believe in the no less mythical Father Frost who wears a long blue or red fur coat, a matching hat, and carries gifts in a large bag on his back. Unlike Santa, Father Frost drives three horses and has a magic staff that has the power to freeze everything around him. His granddaughter, the Snow Maiden (“Snegurochka”) wearing a blue coat with either a blue hat or a crown usually accompanies him and helps distributing gifts between children.

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How to Celebrate Russian New Year

ded-morozDuring the Soviet era, Christmas in Russia was erased from the calendar. However, the need for a bright, magical winter holiday remained, and soon Christmas was replaced by New Year. Most Christmas attributes like New Year tree, festive dinner, lights, garlands, firecrackers, and of course New Year gifts were transferred to the New Year holiday. Up to this day, New Year in Russia is the biggest and most important holiday celebrated with big pomp and enthusiasm throughout the country.

New Year Tree

New Year tree is an integral part of winter holidays in Russia. People start buying and decorating New Year trees a week or two before December, 31 and keep it until Old New Year on January, 13.

There’s a traditions to place two figurines under the New Year tree in Russia, Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus) and his granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden). It’s also under the New Year tree where kids find their New Year gifts on the morning of January 1.

Father Frost

Instead of Santa, Russian children believe in the no less mythical Father Frost (Ded Moroz) who wears a long blue or red fur coat, a matching hat, and felt boots. He carries around a large sack with sweets and gifts on his back and a magical stick that has the power to freeze everything around him. Unlike Santa, Father Frost doesn’t have reindeer to fly him around, but instead drives a sled with three horses. His young and beautiful granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden) usually helps Ded Moroz with bringing New Year Gifts for kids.

Christmas dinner feastNew Year Feast

New Year is the biggest celebration of the year in Russia and like any other big holiday in the country it is celebrated with a large feast that starts around 9-10 pm on New Year’s Eve.

New Year in Russia is the time of plenty when tables are breaking under all the delicious traditional dishes including such famous Russian appetizers as meat dumplings (pelmenyi or pierogies), herring salad (Selyodka pod shuboi), meat salad (Olivier), meet and cheese plates, pickled mushrooms, caviar, tangerines and more. Alcohol also flows freely although champagne is usually reserved for the first toast of the New Year just as the chiming clock strikes midnight.

President’s Speech

Just before midnight all TV channels show the Russian president who addresses the nation with the short speech in which he reflects on the past year and expresses his hopes for the following one. Right after the speech, the chiming clock on the Kremlin Tower in Moscow is shown counting down the last ten seconds of the year. Sharp at midnight, families and friends stand up, clink their glasses of champagne, wish each other a happy and prosperous new year and exchange gifts.


After raising the first toast people go outside to watch fireworks. Starting fireworks on New Year’s is a very popular activity among both children and adults.

Every family in Russia stays awake at least until 1 am on New Year’s Eve, watching TV, eating and drinking. Later at night many people visit their family and friends and continue celebrating until 5 or 6 in the morning.

If you think that after a celebration of this magnitude it would be hard to return to work, you’re right. Some Russians continue the party by observing Orthodox Christmas, which falls on January 7 , and then Old New Year on January 13. After that, alas, even the Russians have run out of holidays. It’s time to sober up and trudge back to the routine.

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Christmas in Western Countries vs. Orthodox Christmas


wreath Christmas is the most important and favorite holiday of the year in all Western world. Catholic Christmas traditions differ from those in Eastern church and the differences start with the date of observance. Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December, 25 according to Gregorian calendar while Orthodox church uses Julian calendar and observes Christmas 13 days later on January, 7.

The Christmas countdown in Western countries begins 4 weeks earlier on Advent . Advent is a season of expectant waiting and preparation for Christmas. Churches and families keep a special advent wreath, a circular garland of evergreen branches with five candles. One candle, representing an aspect of the spiritual preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ, is lit each Sunday before Christmas as a part of the Advent services.

On Christmas Eve all faithful people go to church to attend a midnight mass. Children usually stay at home and go to bed early to dream of their Christmas gifts. Before going to bed, they put their shoes or stockings by the fireplace to find it filled with sweets and gifts from Santa Claus the next morning.

Christmas is a family holiday and is usually celebrated at home with the nearest and dearest. The festive Christmas dinner featuring traditional menu is the highlight of the celebration. It is followed by the exchange of Christmas gifts between friends and family members.


Orthodox Christmas is observed in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Serbia.

Christmas in Russia and other countries is most widely celebrated on January 7, according to the Julian calendar. New Year’s Day, on January 1st, precedes the Russian Christmas and is often observed as a more important holiday. However, now with the western traditions becoming more and more popular, some Russians celebrate two Christmases and even two New Year’s – the first Christmas observed on December 25th, and the second New Year’s called Old New Year observed on January 13th.

For people in Russia Christmas Day is the time for family reunions, Christmas service and a festive meal. There is a 40-day Lent preceding Christmas Day, which lasts until after the evening worship service or until the first star appears in the sky. The holiday dinner that follows called “The Holy Supper” (the last meal of the fast) is strictly Lenten and meatless but it is served in a festive manner. It begins with the Lord’s Prayer of thanksgiving for all the blessings of the past year, led by the father of the family. After the dinner families open Christmas gifts and go to the church to attend Christmas liturgy.


Christmas is the perfect occasion to show your dear ones, relatives, friends and business associates how much you care for them. Sending Christmas gifts to Russia and other countries is not only a generous gesture but also a great way to maintain and improve relationships with those who are far away.

For personal gifts for Christmas feel free to choose the favorite items on the list of your recipients. Presenting delicious and beautifully decorated edible gifts like gourmet gift baskets or sweet gifts is always a good idea for a Christmas gift to a family. For a romantic touch, add fresh flowers, teddy bear, bottle of champagne, cake, their favorite perfume or a piece of jewelry.

When shopping for business Christmas gifts choose something stylish, tasteful and not too expensive. Gourmet and fruit gift baskets and wine hampers make a wonderful office gift that will satisfy any palate. If you’re sending a gift for one or two recipients a Christmas flowers arrangement accompanied by a box of chocolate or good wine will be also a great choice.

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Orthodox Christmas Gifts to Russia 2013!

Are you happy that busy Christmas season is over? Well, it’s still yet to come for Eastern Europeans who celebrate Orthodox Christmas according to the Julian calendar on January, 7. If your dear ones, friends, colleagues or business associates live in such countries as Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro or  Serbia don’t forget to send your best wishes and wonderful gifts for Orthodox Christmas.

At you can find a great variety of Christmas gifts to Russia including Bouquets, Flower Baskets, Fruit Baskets, Holiday Gift Baskets and more. To make your choice easier we’ve picked top 5 Christmas gift ideas to Russia perfect for both personal and business gifts.

1. Christmas Lights – this stunning composition of holiday candles, surrounded by white and red carnations and assorted holiday greens will create a perfect Christmas spirit and become the centerpiece of the holiday table.

2. Fruity Christmas Party Tray –  holiday decorated tray filled with seasonal fruit, nuts, crackers and deli products is a great and healthy addition to any Christmas celebration either at home or office.

3. Chocolate Basket of the Year – if there are a lot of chocolate lovers among your recipients this basket will totally hit the spot. Including the biggest variety of the local and imported chocolate of any kind it will satisfy the cravings of a big party.

4. Fruity Poinsettia and Chocolates – send your dear recipients a gift that’s wholesome, delicious, and beautiful. A stunning Poinsettia Plant will grace their holiday table and a delicious spread of fresh fruit including Apples, Bananas, Pears, and Oranges as well as a decadent box of high quality Chocolate will satisfy their palate.

5. VIP Tray – this luxurious gift basket to Russia will turn their Christmas Eve into a royal feast! With a little something for everyone including cheeses selection, cookies, tea, chocolate, nuts, dried and fresh fruits, it will make their celebration truly unforgettable!

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Happy Holidays!!!

Gifts & Flowers for Orthodox Christmas 2012!

Holiday MemoriesDecember, one of the busiest and at the same time joyful months of the year is behind. However, the time for fun, excitement, and Christmas gifts is not over yet, as all Eastern European countries are celebrating Orthodox Christmas on January, 7!

You may have already heard that Eastern Orthodox churches in many countries including Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro and  Serbia celebrate Christmas using old Julian calendar, and it falls on January 7. So, if your friends or family members, partners or clients are from an Orthodox country, don’t loose the chance to send them your best wishes along with a Christmas gift to recognize this great holiday! Here are a few Orthodox Christmas gift ideas you can use.


Who said flowers aren’t practical? If it is a gift that brings your loved one joy and good humor, it is as good as it gets! At we have a great number of flower gifts to any taste. Either Christmas Flower Arrangement with candles, ribbons and holiday greens like Merry Christmas arrangement, Celebrating Winter arrangement, This is Christmas!, Christmas Lights, festive flower basket to Russia with fresh carnations, gerberas and assorted greenary like Holiday Flower Basket, Merry Christmas Basket, or Chrismas bouquet to Russia of bright vibrant colors like Stylish Winter Bouquet, Bright Christmas Bouquet. No matter which one of these you choose, you can be sure your Orthodox Christmas gift to Russia will cheer your recipients up and bring them good luck in the New Year.

Holiday gift baskets

From simple gift sets to overflowing baskets, there is something for every taste, and for every member of your family. Such Christmas gift baskets to Russia as Chocolate Tower, Sweet New Year Basket, Chocolate Celebration will make the best surprise for those with sweet tooth or for children. Fruit and gourmet baskets like Fruity Christmas Party Tray, Fruit and Bubbly, VIP Tray are a perfect addition for a family gathering or a party.


Where there is a holiday, there is a cake! Our beautiful, mouthwatering cakes will make the holidays complete, and the taste buds – happy! Heavenly Decadence Creme Cake, Fruit Cake or Morning Delights Coffee Cake are just a few suggestions from our vast cake catalog.
With these and many other gift ideas for the holidays, you are sure to find something your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues would like!

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Christmas & New Year Gift Ideas to Russia & CIS 2011 

It’s well-known that holidays play a significant role in the Eastern culture. Russians, Ukranians and the rest Eastern Europeans love holidays and feasting more than any other nation. Christmas and New Year is the longest and one of the most favorite holiday seasons celebrated in Russia and CIS in grand style. Though Christmas in Russia is traditionally observed according to the Orthodox church on the 7th of January, European traditions are slowly taking roots in the east, so many Russians start their Christmas celebrations on December, 25.

For those who want to make a pleasant surprise and send their best wishes to friends, relatives, loved ones or business associates in Russia this holiday season we made a list of top Christmas & New Year gift ideas that will help you to choose a perfect Christmas gift to Russia & CIS!


What can be easier but at the same time classier than to send your dear ones a beautiful flower bouquet, a gift perfect for any occasion, recipient, and at any time of the year?! Christmas bouquets to Russia like Deluxe Christmas Roses, Holiday Cheer Arrangement, or Celebrating Winter arrangement is sure to create a warm joyful atmosphere and add a touch of magic to the holiday. To make the gift more special just add a bottle of bubbly champagne, box of chocolates or colorful balloons and the recipients will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.


When there’s no time for searching for the perfect Christmas gift or you don’t quite know the recipients’ preferences, but you need to produce an impression, a lush Christmas flower basket to Russia is the solution you were looking for! Bright red, green and white flower baskets with gerberas, lilies, carnations, holiday greens, and Christmas tree decorations like Merry Christmas Basket, Chritmas Eve, Make a Wish will most likely become a centerpiece of a holiday table and will bring along some air of reverie to this wonderful holiday night.


An integral part of Russian New Year is a bottle of sparkling champagne. Popping champagne corks, clinking glasses and saying numerous toasts is an important tradition in every family in Russia on  New Year’s or Christmas Eve. Send your dear recipients a bottle of local champagne, Martini Asti Champagne, or Champagne gift sets to Russia like Holiday Memories or New Year Fun and be sure they enjoy the holiday to its full!


If there are gourmet connoisseurs on your list, you should consider choosing a gift that includes some gourmet treats. Either fruit like Fruity Christmas Party Tray or Fruit and Bubbly, sweets and chocolates like Sweet Bouquet, or snacks like New Year Fun these gourmet Christmas gift baskets to Russia will bring much joy to those who appreciate great food and feasting.

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Enjoy upcoming holidays!

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