Birth Flowers Guide. March

Have you ever thought that every month has a birth flower and that each one has a special meaning? Like people, birth flowers are distinctive – filled with significance and wonderful stories. So whether you’re looking for a creative gift for someone’s birthday, or just want to add a personal touch to a flower arrangement for any occasion, our Birth Flower Guide will help you find out which flower is uniquely theirs.


The birth flower for March is daffodil (also known as narcissus and jonquil), which is considered to be the classic symbol of Spring and universal symbol of hope. The name daffodil is a derivitave of affodell, which is a variant of asphodel.The Latin name for the daffodil, narcissus, has roots in Greek mythology. The Greeks called the flower narkisso because of its overpowering narcotic-like scent and they associated it with Hades.

The word narkisso also reminds of us of another Greek legend surrounding a god with a similar name. The God Narcissus was known for being so self-absorbed that he wasn’t interested in the love of the nymph Echo (who entered a cave and allowed herself to die because of her obsessive love). Later, Narcissus paused to gaze at his image in a stream. As he leaned closer to view it more clearly, he fell in and drowned. The gods placed flowers (narcissus) on the bank in remembrance of him.

The name jonquil was given to the flower by the Spanish whose word jonquillo meant rush. Apparently the leaves of the flower reminded them of rushes.

Daffodils are flowers with many different meanings. Because of their bright yellow color, daffodils are, first of all, representatives of happiness, friendship and sunshine. It is also the flower used to express unrequited love for another person; however, since the daffodil is one of the first flowers to bloom in springtime, it has also come to be seen as the flower for hope in love. Therefore, daffodils make not only perfect romantic gifts, but also suit as a gift for friends and gift for colleagues.

Brighten up the lives of your nearest and dearest with a sunny bouquet! Send a spring flower arrangement!