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Gift & Flower Delivery Testimonial to Russia

“I would like to thank this company for just one great thing, which I have very rarely seen with other companies and that is “VERY PROMPT SERVICE & REPLY”. This one quality makes them different from others.
During the ordering process and even after the delivery of gifts were made to the recipient, the executives of this company constantly answered my queries and also resolved issues with UTMOST CARE AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I am really impressed with one of their managers (David Skol, Chief Flower Officer), who resolved all my issues with great discipline and on time! I have now returned to this website third time to order gifts for my friends and have recommended it to my friends as well. One special part of their service is their online chat service. You just have to click on that button on their website to chat with a customer support representative and they are available promptly! I have used customer support chat interfaces on other websites, but many times I have found that they make me wait for 2-5 minutes! But Russian Flora’s chat support is EXCELLENT. I would also like to thank two of their executives (Eugenia Ivy, Alyona Evans) for providing great support and taking care of all my concerns right over the Chat! How interesting! I have personally felt their service to be EXCELLENT, ON-TIME and DELIVERED WITH UTMOST CARE. These are my personal thoughts out of my experience with them three times in sending flowers and gifts to my friends abroad. I would highly recommend this company to my friends and colleagues. The very fact that I am sitting here writing this good review is ONLY because I have felt they are doing a GREAT JOB, otherwise who likes to write reviews? Oh, I forgot to mention about one more good service example of this company – If they have any confusion about your order – THEY WILL CALL YOU AND LET YOU KNOW AND ASK YOU WHAT YOU WANT. And if there is any possibility of delay or something else, they call you and let you know. In one of my case, they called me right after my order and told me that “It was snowing very heavily in Russia and same day delivery might not be possible!”. This is so nice of them. Otherwise I have not seen many companies being so prompt and customer service oriented in their service. Thank you for such a good service and keep it Up!
PLEASE NOTE – THESE ARE MY PERSONAL OPINION AND Should be treated as Personal Only.

Thank you.”

Ranjit S.

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