Flower basket to Moscow, Russia

“I have never sent an email because of good service, only bad. But this will be the first.
Alyona Evans helped me get my order together and was informative and fast with answers. In less than 5 minutes after placing my order online I was called and the order was verified and some additional questions I had were answered. I do not remember her name, but she was very polite.

Hours after placing my order I remembered I wanted a white rose and not a red one. I used the online help again and Andrew Fisher immediately notified the Florist with my order and let them know.

I must say I am beyond impressed with the customer service of Russian Flora, I am AMAZED by it. I believe this is by far the best service I have gotten from ANY company. I will Definitely be a returning customer.

Thank you so much for a very pleasurable shopping experience.
Clayton Blank”

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