Flower Basket to Daugavpils, Latvia

Dear Alyona and staff,
Again and again I have used your service and your company has never failed me.
However, this time you really did an incredible job.
First delivering the flowers the day I ordered them and choosing magnificent flowers and arrangement in the basket!
My Larissa was supposed to fly to me early this week, but her plane was overbooked.
So we were both very sad as her visa is expired next week.
I really wanted something to break her sorrow and you have done that with your professionalism.
When you called her, she had you deliver them at her work not knowing what to expect.
I can tell you she was very proud and saw many jealous women at work and on the bus home. She has sent me many close up photos of the flowers in her home.
It was a perfect day for her to end the very hard week.
This was all possible thanks to your great company.
I cannot thank you enough!
Most Sincerely,

Dr. Jeffrey N.
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