Bouquet of Flowers to Samara, Russia

Dear Sir/madam

I am your new customer from Turkey. I wanted to send some flowers for the birthday of my girlfriend. I searched the internet for a company that can help me about this. And my searches came up with your company. I checked the website and I saw your products and online help. I had some questions in my mind so I wanted to apply to online help. Julia was the lady to answer me online. I asked couple questions the other day. she gave me all the answers I needed. today I decided to order the flowers. before that I applied to online help again. Julia was again the one who replied me. I asked her about the delivery and so on. she was really helpfull to me and she also recommended me about the flowers. As I am from another country I dont exactly know the traditions of your country. So I asked Julia about her recommendations. She also helped me with her advices. she was really kind and helpful to through the decision of the flower, order and checking of

This is not only her success but also the success of your company.
I wanted to thank you for the service of your company. my flowers are not delivered yet but I think there will not be any problem.

sincerely yours ,

Baris S.”

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