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Birthday Flowers Arrangement to Kharkiv, Ukraine


Recently I ordered another flower arrangement from you to my fiancee in Kharkiv.
She was delighted and thrilled of course because it was a beautiful arrangement and high quality.  She showed the arrangement to me on the internet via camera and it was a very nice and tasteful group of truly fresh flowers.

Of course this is what I have come to know and count on through the last several years as I sent flowers through you to various ladies in Ukraine that I courted.  I do not mention sending flowers to other women when I speak to my fiancee about your quality service, but she knows of it anyway and she has seen it first hand twice.

On various internet forums that I am a member of that deal with seeking FSU brides, I always recommend your company for good and dependable service.

So I wish to thank you again for the great service given not only here but in Kharkiv and delivering them exactly on her birthday which was today.  When she comes to America to be my wife we shall use your service to send flowers to our friends and family back in Ukraine as well.


Dwight B.

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