Valentine’s Day Roses

Rose is one of the most popular flower and one of the most important symbol and gift for Valentine’s Day. Every year on February 14 lovers long for a bouquet of roses from their Valentine as the flower has come to denote ‘I love you’. No wonder, that demand for roses reaches its peak on Valentine’s Day as people all over the world chose to express their love with this beautiful flower. Because of its universality, the question of the color becomes very important.

The red rose has been traditionally favorite but nowadays, people want to select roses of other colors as they seek for a more unique and personal touch. So, before choosing a bouquet, you’d better learn about the different meanings each color represents!

Generally, Red roses symbolize desire and passion, but even subtle variations can have different symbolic meanings. So, Amaranth red roses symbolize long-standing desire while Cardinal red refers to a sublime mode. Burgundy has been matched with unconscious beauty while Fiery red represents flame of passion. If you want to send flowers to someone of a platonic friendship, then you may get some Yellow roses. They are the messengers of joy and happiness, representing care and empathy and the promise of a faithful friendship. White roses signify purity, innocence and reverence and are hence commonly used in weddings. A Pink roses can hold many meanings. Darker Pink roses convey gratitude and appreciation while a Lighter shade of Pink could show admiration, sympathy or joy. Orange roses express enthusiasm, desire or even fascination whereas Coral roses usually just javascript:;imply desire. Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight and enchantment while shades of Purple roses are meant to exude a sense of majestic beauty as purple is often associated with royalty.

Sending roses has been one of the best ways to express feelings too difficult or shy to be expressed in words. By paying more thought in choosing their colors, you are able to convey messages, which are not just steeped with emotions, but backed by history. Using these tips, you should no longer be blissfully ignorant about what the different colors of roses mean and you can be well prepared to find those that best suit the occasion and the person you are sending flowers to.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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